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About Asiana Airlines WiFi & How To Connect To It?

South Korean pioneer airline company, Asiana Airlines, is one of the elite names in the airline industry. Being a member of the Star Alliance, Asiana Airlines prioritizes its passengers’ comfort and ensures their maximum satisfaction.

Asiana Airlines provides fast and secure WiFi services for its passengers inflight. If you are traveling in their A350 aircraft you can avail of Asiana Airlines WiFi at an affordable cost and stay connected with your loved ones.

Asiana Airlines travels to more than 80 international destinations and they also provide inflight WiFi for its passengers. Asiana Airlines WiFi is available in their A350 aircraft. You can stay connected to your friends and family inflight thousands of feet above the ground.

If you are looking for more information about Asiana Airlines, you are in the perfect place. Continue reading to know everything about Asiana Airlines WiFi, inflight entertainment, costs, and much more.

Asiana Airlines Attributes at a Glance

Airline NameAsiana Airlines
HeadquarterSouth Korea, Seoul
WiFiInflight WiFi available
AllianceStar Alliance
Contact Number+82-2-2669-8000
Asiana Airlines WebsiteAsiana Airlines
Find Asiana Airlines onFacebook,

Asiana Airlines Internet Packages

Asiana Airlines provides unlimited inflight WiFi for its passengers on an hourly basis. This means you can use an endless amount of data for an hour by purchasing their plan.

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You can purchase their unlimited data packages which start from just $11.95 per hour. Asiana Airlines WiFi is also accessible for the whole flight depending on which package you have taken.

Here is detailed information about Asiana Airlines WiFi packages:

DurationPrice ($)Data (MB)
1 hour11.95Unlimited
3 hours16.95Unlimited
Whole Flight21.95Unlimited

How To Connect to Asiana Airlines WiFi?

You can not purchase Asiana Airlines WiFi in advance. You have to choose, purchase, and connect to the data plan after stepping on board. Here is how you will connect to the network:

  1. Bring a WiFi-enabled device.
  2. Keep your device in airplane mode.
  3. Turn ON the WiFi from your WiFi settings.
  4. From the list of available WiFi connections, choose “OZ_Wi-Fi.”
  5. Go to your device’s web browser and it will take you to the Asiana Airlines portal page.
  6. Drag down and select the “Go Online” option.
  7. Select and buy from the given package options.
  8. Log in or sign up for your PanaSky account.
  9. Once you are in, continue with your payment procedure and follow the steps as directed.
  10. Sit back and browse Asiana Airlines WiFi.

Asiana Airlines Inflight Entertainment

Asiana Airlines does not limit its passengers to WiFi only. You can watch movies, documentaries, and TV shows, play games and listen to music for free while traveling.

Asiana Airlines Cabin Roaming Service and Charging

You can send and receive messages and also do voice calls from thousands of feet above the ground by using your mobile balance. All you have to do is turn off the Aeroplane Mode when it is safe and your device will automatically get connected to the service.

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If it is not connected automatically, you can go to your network settings and select  Aeromobile. Once you get connected, you can call and send sms using your mobile phone without spending any extra money.

You can also charge your devices with the USB ports and power plugs that you can find beside your seats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Asiana Airlines Have Inflight WiFi?

Yes, Asiana Airlines has inflight WiFi for its passengers.

Is Asiana Airlines WiFi Free?

No, you have to purchase internet packages to avail of inflight WiFi on Asiana Airlines.

Which Asiana Aeroplanes Offer Inflight WiFi?

Aircraft A350 of Asiana Airlines offers inflight WiFi.

Can I Make Zoom Calls Using Asiana Airlines WiFi?

Yes, you can make zoom calls inflight using Asiana Airlines WiFi.

Can I Use Roaming Services For Free?

Yes, Asiana Airlines does not charge any extra money for cabin roaming services. You can use that for free. However, you will spend from your mobile balance.

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