Does ITA Airways Have WiFi? A Full Guide To ITA Airways WiFi

The new flag-carrier airline of Italy, Italia Trasporto Aereo aka ITA Airways (Former Alitalia) fully owned and operated by the Government of Italy. Currently, the airline has scheduled flights to over 41 destinations in Europe and a few overseas destinations. ITA Airways is expected to operate more international flights to intercontinental destinations in upcoming years. As ITA airways took ownership of most of the aircraft of Alitalia, the wifi-equipped aircraft of Alitalia are still in service under the brand name of ITA Airways. ITA Airways provide inflight wifi service through satellite connectivity. 

Facts about ITA Airways:

Name Italia Trasporto Aereo (ITA Airways)
Alliance SkyTeam Alliance
HeadquartersRome, Lazio, Italy
HubsRome–Fiumicino International Airport
Focus CitiesMilan–Linate
Inflight Wi-FiYes 
Passenger Destinations64
Operating Aircraft60
Social MediaFacebook

ITA Airways Inflight WiFi Service:

To ensure a splendid inflight experience for the passengers, ITA Airways provide inflight wifi service. Passengers can do browsing, use social media, receive and send emails, and get updates on the latest news using the inflight wifi of ITA Airways. In order to use the inflight wifi of ITA Airways, Passengers have to purchase a tariff package. 

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ITA Airways WiFi Cost:

The WiFi cost of ITA Airways is the same as Alitalia. Because ITA Airways is using wifi-equipped aircraft of Alitalia along with its previous pricing structure. ITA Airways did not reprice the wifi plans and cost yet. Perhaps, it will reprice inflight wifi and add new aircraft to the list in the coming days. 

Flex plus90MB$12
Flexi For Magnifica50MBfree
Lite For Premium Economy10MBfree

How to Connect to ITA Airways Inflight WiFi?

ITA Airways offers paid inflight wifi service on board. You can be connected to the world from 30000 feet above the cloud by connecting to ITA inflight wifi. Simply follow the mentioned below step to get a connection to the ITA Airways wifi:

  1. Turn on wifi on your service
  2. Search for the SSID of ITA AIrways
  3. Connect to the network
  4. Go to your default browser
  5. The Wi-Fi portal homepage of ITA Airways will appear automatically
  6. Choose your preferable tariff package and proceed with the payment.
  7. After successfully completing the procedures you can start using the internet instantly.
  8. Enjoy surfing!

ITA Airways also have an international roaming service for sending texts, making phone calls, chatting, or surfing the net. If the passenger’s roaming service provider is associated with AeroMobile, they can use the inflight roaming service. All they have to do is connect the device to the roaming signal. The cost of the inflight roaming service depends on the passenger’s service provider’s international roaming rates. 

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ITA Airways have wifi on its long-haul flight like FCO TO JFK and JFK to FCO. This is the most important route for ITA Airways. If you are flying on this itinerary, then You are most probably going to have inflight wi-fi to get connected to the land. Not only FCO to JFK, but also Major destinations like Canada, Australia, and UK routes have inflight wifi. You need to just connect it.

ITA Airways Inflight Entertainment:

Time flies by with the beat of the music or with some thrilling movies. To keep the passengers entertained,  ITA Airways offers inflight entertainment on their long-haul flights. Passengers can enjoy a variety of 80 movies, games, and music on the ITA Airways inflight entertainment system. 

Frequently Asked Question:

Does ITA Airways have inflight wifi?

Yes, ITA Airways have paid inflight wifi service on most of their flights.

Can I use Netflix using ITA Airways inflight wifi?

No, streaming videos is not supported by the ITA Airways inflight wifi. Normal browsing, emails, and using social is doable using the inflight wifi. 

Can I make phone calls on board while flying with ITA Airways?

Yes, ITA Airways have an inflight roaming service. By connecting to the roaming signal, you can simply use your device as you use it abroad.

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