Qatar Airways WiFi: What You Need To Know

The Qatar airways offer a flexible sky-high internet to its user as the 1st iteration. Not-so-great feedback due to the slow speed also bought the airways some negative limelight.

However, that just inspired them to install the Qatar airways wifi Super plan for the new jet that gets included. And according to the authorities, it gives a much smooth browsing experience.

From plans to the connecting method and more, let’s find out.

Qatar Airways WiFi Plans

To make Qatar airways wifi purchase, you’ll need to go through booking available online. Also, sometimes there is Qatar complimentary wifi code that you can use for enjoying additional benefits during your online purchase.

The Table Beneath Shows Qatar Airways WiFi Price 2022

Plan NameApplicable DurationLimitCharge
Standard Wi-Fi  3 Hours100 MB10 Dollars
Standard Wi-Fi  Throughout The Flight200 MB20 Dollars
Super Wi-FiThroughout The FlightUnlimited10-20 Dollars

If you notice the Qatar airways wifi plans, the Super Wi-Fi is comparatively cost-effective. However, the airways do not always offer this plan.

Only for specific flights, you can avail of the offer through their official website. So, make sure to check for all the available promotions and then consider booking.

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Qatar Airways WiFi Equipped Aircraft List

Whether an aircraft under Qatar airway comes with a Wi-Fi facility or not and if it does, which plans to expect, is the type of information you’ll find in the table.

Aircraft NameWi-Fi StatusAvailable Plan
Airbus A350-1000AvailableSuper WiFi
Airbus A350-900 (Qsuites)AvailableSuper WiFi
Airbus A350-900 (non-Qsuites)AvailableMixed
Airbus A380AvailableStandard WiFi
Airbus A330Not Always AvailableStandard WiFi
Airbus A320Not Always AvailableStandard WiFi
Airbus A319AvailableStandard WiFi
Boeing 777 (Qsuites)AvailableSuper WiFi
Boeing 777 (non-Qsuites)Not Always AvailableMixed
Boeing 787AvailableStandard WiFi

How To Use Qatar Airways WiFi Free?

Qatar airways are well known for offering passenger-friendly services on board. And this does include some free in-flight services for WiFi usage.

There are some flights (not all) of Qatar Airways that lets its passenger use the WiFi for free. And depending on the current scheme the promotions can vary.

However, with the standard WiFi available onboard, you should be able to use it for free for at least half an hour. After those charges shall apply.

If you have the Super WiFi, then for 1 hour it will be free for you to use. Anything after that will require a fee.

Also, keep in mind that the Super WiFi is usually limited to the Qatar airways wifi business class passengers. It is 10 times faster compared to the Qatar airways wifi speed of the standard version.

How To Connect Qatar Airways WiFi?

  • Start by turning the flight mode on.
  • Then you want to restart the WiFi on your device.
  • You should find the WiFi network associated with Qatar Airways. The name should be ‘OryxComms’ or something close to that.
  • Then you need to pick from what plan you’d like to use. It can be free or paid depending on your trip.
  • There will be slots for you to enter your email. And you require entering payment details if paid package.
  • Then the inflight WiFi system should be connected to your device.
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Qatar Airways WiFi Inflight Entertainment

Probably the very first Arline to come up with contactless technology to allow passengers to indulge in-flight entertainment, Qatar Airways have some great options to keep oneself busy during a flight.

Passengers can connect their personal devices through the Zero Touch Technology to the IFE system available on board. There’s a seat back IFE screen that connects with WiFi and needs a simple QR code to start streaming.

It is usable through Qatar airway’s free wifi business class and economy class scheme.   The airline’s Oryx One system allows passengers to pick from a wide-ranging 4000 content pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Qatar Airways Wi-Fi free for everyone?

No for constant usage, you will need to buy a package. However, there is limited time free using flexibility on board, which is not predictable and depends on ongoing discounts, promotions, and offers of the airlines. You can check for such information from the main website of the airlines.

Is Qatar Airways Wi-Fi limited?

Depending on what packaging you purchase as well as the type of flight you are taking, there will be varying limitations applying to the Wi-Fi.

How many devices are allowed to connect?

You will be able to connect one device under a plan. And if you need to connect more, you will require to buy the same plan for the other devices. Or you can also use one device at a time with all others disconnected to the Wi-Fi.

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