Everything To Know About Etihad WiFi 2024

From Etihad inflight entertainment app to the onboard internet access, there’s a lot the 2nd largest airline EY offers for its passenger.

It is for a reason one of the top airlines right now in the world. Staying in touch with close ones or simply managing urgent work becomes easier with such facilities and flight takers need enough detail of onboard WIFI before the big day.

Let’s find out all the important information regarding Etihad Wifi.

Etihad WiFi Plans & More

The airline is well known for being one of the advanced inflight entertainments and wifi tech providers with flexible prices. And this applies to both Etihad wifi business class as well as Etihad wifi economy class cases.

There’s the flexibility of paying for a choice of the package after being on board. And there are also different payment gateways the passenger can use for accessing the facility.

Here are the details on Etihad wifi onboard price plans available:

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Chat Package20MB1.99 Dollars
1 Hour Package100MB6.99 Dollars
6 Hour Package200MB15.99 Dollars
24 Hour Package350MB29.99 Dollars

Apart from the upper mentioned packages, there are also other discounts and deals limited for certain members of Etihad airlines. And it gives passengers extra advantages over the typical wifi plans.

Not only the plans are cheaper but also by joining the memberships, one can earn additional points that can work for the next flights and hotel stays.

Depending on the level of membership, different types of perks can be enjoyed. This reward system is built to maintain brand loyalty and also encourage strong bonds with the consumers.

Guests can enjoy various discounts for being a member, here’s an outlook:


Purchase Method: There are several ways to make payments for the wifi service of Etihad. You can use your credit cards for purchases. PayPal is also accepted. And if you have Etihad guest miles then use them for paying the charge.

It is also possible to purchase your choice of the package on board. And that’s basically how to buy Etihad wifi plans. You can use the Etihad wifi voucher if available during the purchase.

For a refund request, you need to follow the traditional method of using the website’s contact us form with the ticket and flight number.

How To Use Etihad WiFi Free?

For certain passengers, Etihad offers complimentary Free WiFi benefits. These are:

  1. Any passenger of 1st class.
  2. Passengers who have a Guest Platinum membership.
  3. Passengers who are part of the connectivity onboard program.
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How To Connect Etihad WiFi?

  • Start by turning the Wi-Fi on of your device that you want to connect.
  • Then scan to find “Wi-Fly” and connect to it.
  • Next, you want to open a browser and go to etihadwi-fly.com.
  • There should be instructions for you to follow and even purchase the plan that you want to use next
  • And that should be it.
  • There are cabin crew members who can guide you through the configuration.
  • You will also find the detail connecting with the instruction manual provided inside the seat pocket.

Etihad WiFi Inflight Entertainment

There are several ways to keep yourself entertained while being on board with Etihad. The personal E-Box is available for every passenger on board.

And there’s a wide range of shows, music, games and movies that passengers can tune in to keep themselves occupied during the flight.

Flight takers of A321 or A320 will be able to access all of it using their laptop, tablet or phone. There is something to watch for every age.

And so, if a child is taking the flight, there will be much children-friendly content that will keep them busy. A parental lock feature is also available so that parents can have full control over the session.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Etihad WiFi allow streaming Netflix?

There should be no problem with streaming Netflix using the Etihad airline signboard wifi.

How Fast Is Etihad Wifi?

The average Etihad wifi speed is up to 1.33 Mbps.

Who Are Etihad Airways Wifi Providers?

Wi-Fly is the provider of onboard WiFi for Etihad airways.

How many aircraft has Etihad Wifi?

More than 2000 aircraft of Etihad support onboard internet experience.

Does Etihad provide Plugin Service?

Yes. If you run out of battery while using the device, simply use the plugin service provided on the plane. Some updated aircraft will even provide USB charger parts.

Can passengers make phone calls on the air?

Yes. Etihad lets the passengers make normal as well as urgent phone calls. In terms of charges, the roaming rates that your mobile service provider follows will be applicable.

Can passengers attend zoom calls using Etihad Wifi?

No, it is not allowed to attend any zoom call using the onboard wifi.

Can passengers download newspapers and magazines with Etihad WIFI?

Yes. Etihad has partnered with PressReader to allow all the passengers to download apps and save multiple newspapers or magazines of their choice. There are over 60 languages available. And to get the free latest copies, you need to save 30 hours before that flight.

Is It Possible to Stream Live News & Sports with Etihad Wifi?

Some aircraft allow passengers to enjoy live TV channels. And hence there’s a facility of watching the latest news and sports.

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