Does Royal Jordanian Have WiFi

Does Royal Jordanian Airlines Have WiFi & Internet?

Royal Jordanian Airlines is the national flagship carrier airline of Jordan. As a 3-star certified airline, Royal Jordanian endeavors to meet customers’ every need. Currently, Royal does not offer inflight wifi for browsing, but the airline has included an app-based wireless inflight entertainment system in its service.

Royal Jordanian daily operates almost 110 flights and weekly over 500 flights from its main hub Queen Alia International Airport. Headquartered in Amman, Royal Jordanian serves international and domestic flights to 43 destinations.

Facts about the Royal Jordanian Airlines:

Name Royal Jordanian Airlines
AllianceOneworld airline alliance
Headquarter Amman, Jordan
Focus CitiesAqaba–King Hussein
Main HubQueen Alia International Airport
Inflight Wi-FiNo
Paid wifi packages No
Inflight EntertainmentYes
Passenger Destinations43
Operating Aircraft24
Social MediaFacebook

Royal Jordanian Inflight Wi-Fi:

Royal Jordanian Airlines operates 24 fleets serving flights throughout the United States, Europe, North Africa, and Canada. Currently, none of the aircraft of Royal Jordanian is equipped to provide inflight wifi service. Passengers can not enjoy inflight wifi service flying on Royal Jordanian flights. But Royal Jordanian offers complimentary inflight wireless entertainment service on selected flights. 

Royal Jordanian Inflight Entertainment: 

Royal Jordanian provides a wireless network to give passengers access to the Sky Connect app on its Embraer E175, E195 aircraft, and Airbus A319, and A320 aircraft. Passengers can enjoy various movies, TV shows, and music in both the western and Arabic languages on the Sky Connect app from their own devices. Connecting to the Sky Connect app is quite simple. Follow the mentioned below steps:

  • Download the Sky Connect app from the google play store or apple store (for iPhone users) before departure at your convenient time. 
  • Turn on wifi after departure
  • Search for the SSID “Sky_Connect”
  • Connect to the network
  • Open the Sky Connect app and enjoy!
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Boeing 787s and A321s aircraft of Royal Jordanian is equipped with seatback screens where passengers can enjoy several movies and music. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Royal Jordanian have wifi?

No, Royal Jordanian does not have free or paid inflight wifi services on their flights.

Can I use Whatsapp on Royal Jordanian flights?

As Royal Jordanian Airlines does not provide inflight wifi services, you can not send texts using WhatsApp, messengers, iMessage, or any messaging apps.  

Can I stream Netflix on Royal Jordanian flights?

You can not stream movies on Netflix on Royal Jordanian flights. But you can stream movies on Royal Jordanian’s inflight entertainment app “Sky Connect” app on selected flights. 

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