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A Proven Guide To Wizz Air Inflight WiFi, Internet & Entertainment

Founded in 2003, Wizz Air is also known as Wizz Air Hungary Ltd. It is a Hungarian airline which is headquartered in Budapest. Wizz Air travels to more than 40 countries and has 154 aircraft in total. It is a low-cost airline and it does not provide inflight WiFi to its passengers. 

Wizz Air is an affordable Hungarian airline with 154 aircraft that travel to more than 40 countries worldwide. Wizz Air WiFi is not available inflight, however, you can use their Wizz App using their Wizz Air Network inflight. 

Although Wizz Air does not have inflight WiFi, they offer Wizz Network and Wizz App to keep its passengers entertained on the flight. 

You can get various updates and the latest news on the Wizz App. Ask your flight attendant or find your inflight instructions to know how you can use the Wizz App. Continue reading to know more about Wizz Air and its services. 

Better Knowledge of Wizz Air

Airline NameWizz Air
HeadquarterBudapest, Hungary
WiFiWiFi not available
Callsign WIZZ AIR
ISP Not Applicable
Number of Aircrafts154
Wizz Air WebsiteWizz Air
Find Wizz Air onFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin

Wizz Air WiFi

As of January 2023, Wizz Air does not provide its passengers with inflight WiFi services. As this is an affordable airline, they do not want to charge its passengers any additional money for purchasing data plans.

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Having an ISP and installing WiFi on the aircraft is expensive and the passengers need to pay for the WiFi services. To avoid any hassle, Wizz Air is not planning to install any inflight WiFi connection. 

However, in 2021, Wizz Air introduces the Fflya kit to help its passengers do basic messaging and clear payments. This service is available in their Airbus A321. 

Wizz Air Inflight Entertainment and USB Charging

Wizz Air does not have access to any movies, TV shows, dramas, games, or music. They do not have any TV screens installed in its seat as well. The USB port is also unavailable in Wizz Air. Nevertheless, by using their Wizz App, you can read magazines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Wizz Air WiFi Available Onboard?

No, Wizz Air Wifi is not available onboard.

Does Wizz Air App Cost Money? 

No, Wizz Air App is completely free and does not cost any money. 

How To Connect The Wizz Air App?

You will find an instruction manual to connect to the Wizz Air App in your seat pocket.

What Services Does Wizz Air App Provide?

The Wizz Air app can give you flight and airport information, banking information, car rental services, and much more.

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