A Complete Guide To Air Canada Wi-Fi 2024: What You Need To Know

It is merely impossible to live without an internet connection nowadays. People tend to stay connected through Facebook messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many other social media applications.

How you ever wondered how people browse on air? On my recent visit to Canada, I came to learn that they have Wi-Fi services available inside the plane. But unfortunately, it is not free.

So, I took the time to research it, and this article will guide you through handling and managing internet connection through Air Canada Wi-Fi.

If you want to learn about the Wi-Fi packages provided by Air Canada, then stay with me till the end.

Details About Air Canada

Before starting the conversation about Air Canada Wi-Fi, you must know a little bit about Air Canada itself. They are known as the largest flag carrier ever situated in Canada.

The headquarter of Air Canada is located in Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec. It was first originated in the year 1937, and till then, Air Canada has been booking routine flights, carrying cargo to more than 222 destinations all over the world.

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If you want Air Canada at a glance, the table below will answer all your questions.

AirlineAir Canada
HeadquarterSaint-Laurent, Montreal
Wi-FiYes, but paid
Estimated traveling destination222

Check Whether Your Air Canada Flight Has Wi-Fi or Not

If I were to give my personal opinion, I cannot live without Wi-Fi services while performing a plane journey. Therefore, I need to know whether my Air Canada flight has Wi-Fi or not.

How to establish the Wi-Fi availability of a plane? One simple way is to visit their official website page and search for your desired flights. When you go through the paid flight list, check for the Wi-Fi logo at the middle point between the two destinations.

Sometimes, the same route does not have Wi-Fi availability every time. Suppose you want to travel from Vancouver to Halifax. You might notice the Air Canada Wi-Fi logo on the website at the 1 pm flight.

But the same flight at 6 am may not have the Wi-Fi logo available. So, if you are an internet freak person, my suggestion would be to check the Wi-Fi availability before boarding that aircraft.

One important thing to note down, the availability of Wi-Fi will only be visible for the net five working days. Therefore, check your desired flight five days before the journey if you do not want to fly without the internet.

Wi-Fi Cost of Air Canada

Therefore, what have we learned? Travelling on a plane in Canada does not provide you with a free Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, it is the prime duty to be familiar with all the costs of Air Canada Wi-Fi. Down goes a summarized list of such packages.

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1-hour pass6.5 CAD
1-way pass21 CAD
Monthly package [flight includes Mexico, Canada, and the USA]65.95 CAD

Source of Airplane Wi-Fi

Like Air Canada Wi-Fi, many airplanes Wi-Fi worldwide use the internet connection in mid-air to supply their customers with the internet. So, how does an airplane get a Wi-Fi connection?

Every network has a parent tower from which the signal is transmitted. Airplanes have antennas installed underneath, which receive the signal from the nearest parent tower.

This is where satellite communication occurs, which is way faster and more efficient. A Satellite network uses a series of orbiting satellite that relates to the parent tower. The travelling plane uses the link from the closest satellite to provide its passenger with a buffer-free Wi-Fi connection.

Who provides Wi-Fi to Air Canada? The answer will be Gogo Incorporation. They are an in-flight internet service provider that offers seamless internet for Air Canada, United Airlines, Alaska, and Delta Airlines.

Which Air Canada Aircraft Contains Wi-Fi?

It is much simpler to check which aircraft has Wi-Fi than to check the Wi-Fi availability of the flight route. Therefore, I am introducing another table to show the Wi-Fi availability percentage of different Air Canada Aircrafts.

Aircraft nameNumber of aircraftsWi-Fi availability
Boeing 777-300ER (77W)19100%
Boeing 777-200LR (77L)6100%
Airbus A330-300 (333)1730%
Boeing 787-9 (789)29100%
Boeing 787-8 (788)888%
Boeing 767-300ER (763)25100%

Steps To Connect to Air Canada Wi-Fi

Now that you know that the Wi-Fi of Air Canada is not free and which aircraft consist of Wi-Fi connection, it is time to learn some simple steps to connect to the Wi-Fi. Here goes a broad explanation:

  • The prime rule is to turn on your phone’s airplane mode after the boarding procedure is complete. Then, enable Wi-Fi connection keeping the airplane mode on.
  • On the Wi-Fi bar, look for ‘AC WIFI’ or ‘RougeWIFI’
  • Press Connect
  • Enjoy the buffer-free Wi-Fi once the connection has been established.
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If you wish to purchase the internet plans after getting on the plane, open the browser and visit airCanadaWIFI.com to buy your most preferable Air Canada internet package.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many devices are accessible on the Wi-Fi of Air Canada?

Unfortunately, Air Canada does not offer you more than one device to access simultaneously, and all you can do is turn off the Wi-Fi connection on one device and log in using another one.

How much speed does the Wi-Fi of Air Canada have?

The Wi-Fi of Air Canada can reach up to a maximum speed of 9.8 Mbps which is mainly the browsing speed, and the Download speed is estimated to be below this range.

Can we stream on the Wi-Fi network of Air Canada?

Yes! Air Canada offers you to stream videos from Netflix, Hulu, and HBO on their Wi-Fi network quickly and efficiently.

Does Business class seats get free Wi-Fi from Air Canada?

No! Wi-Fi connection of Air Canada is not free, and you need to buy a specific package to access their server.

Why is the speed of the plane Wi-Fi so slow?

The main reason behind the slow Wi-Fi connection is that so many internet users on the plane share the same bandwidth. Therefore, Wi-Fi will obviously run slower.

Is there any discount associated with the Wi-Fi network of Air Canada?

No! Air Canada does not provide any coupon code to initiate discounts on their internet packages.


Having access to the internet while on an aeroplane is a great feature that helps maintain all my business works. How do you like all the paid packages of Air Canada Wi-Fi?

If you have a close friend who needs to perform his urgent business meetings on the plane, make sure to suggest these features.

I hope you found my article helpful and have fun browsing on the plane.

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