Chittagong Airport WiFi

Chittagong Airport WiFi Guide | Easy Way To Connect Chittagong Shah Amanat International Airport WiFi [Completely Free]

Shah Amanat International Airport ( শাহ আমানত আন্তর্জাতিক বিমানবন্দর) is the second-largest airport in Bangladesh located in Chittagong. It is an international airport with a capacity of annually handling 1.5 million passengers and 6,000 tonnes of cargo yearly. It is also used by the military as a part of the ‘BAF Zahurul Haq Base’.

Shah Amanat International Airport ( শাহ আমানত আন্তর্জাতিক বিমানবন্দর) has free WiFi access in both of the international and domestic terminals. Passengers need a local number to sign up for the WiFi portal.

Facts about Shah Amanat International Airport (Chittagong Airpot):

NameShah Amanat International Airport
Owner Government of Bangladesh
LocationPatenga, Chittagong
Airport type Civil, Military
OperatorCivil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh
Terminal2 (Internation & Domestic)
Annual passenger capability1.5 Million
Annual cargo handling capability6000 tonnes
Wifi serviceYes (Free)
Main Hub forBiman Bangladesh AirlinesRegent AirwaysUS-Bangla Airlines
Coordinates22°14′59″N 91°48′48″E

Shah Amanat International Airport (Chittagong Airpot) WiFi:

Shah Amanat International Airport terminal is divided into two parts, international and domestic. The domestic terminal is smaller than the international terminal. Both of the terminals have free WiFi service. Passengers need to have a local number to sign in for the free WiFi portal. 

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Shah Amanat International Airport (Chittagong Airpot) does not offer any paid internet service.

How to connect to the Shah Amanat International Airport (Chittagong Airpot) WiFi:

Without a Bangladeshi sim card, passengers can not access the portal of Chittagong Airport. But if any international sim has a signal inside the airport that can be used to sign in to the wifi portal. aamra network provides free 25mbps free internet data. To connect to the Chittagong airport WiFi follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Turn on the Wifi on your device.
  • Search for the open wifi signal.
  • Select one from the available hotspot “aamra network”
  • On the homepage of the WiFi portal, you will see boxes to give your name and phone number.
  • OTP password will be sent to your given number.
  • Use the password to get connected to the free internet.

Frequently Asked Question:

Does the waiting room of Chittagong Airport have wifi service?

Yes, Shah Amanat International Airport (Chittagong Airpot) has free wifi service inside the waiting room.

Does Chittagong Airport wifi have a good signal?

Shah Amanat International Airport (Chittagong Airpot) offers free wifi to passengers. The strength of the wifi signal is quite good but it can lack sometimes.

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