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Salam air Chittagong Office Address & Ticket Booking Details

Salam Air is an Omani budget airline, that started its journey in 2017. salam air headquarters is located in Muscat, Oman. it operates flights to 30 destinations and has 7 fleet sizes. it operates direct non-stop flights from Dhaka and Chittagong to Muscat.

although Salam air provided the Dhaka office on their website they did not mention the Chittagong office address. Many people like to fly from Chittagong and they need to contact the physically and over the phone to salam air Chittagong office. In this article, I will provide the Chittagong office address of salam air

Salam Air Chittagong Office:

Salam air Chittagong Office is located in Agrabad, Chittagong. The location is exactly opposite of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited in Agrabad, Chittagong. Besides, Salam air has an office in Dhaka.

Slam Air Chittagong Office Phone Number:

The phone number of Salam air is +880 2 58811683
Hotline Number: +880 9612 889988

Please do not be frustrated if salam air does not pick up your phone. Because most of the tickets, will not! Their customer service is really bad.

Salam Air Chittagong Email Address:

You can email salam air at the following address if you can not reach the phone or any urgency.

email: [email protected]

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Salam Air Chittagong to Muscat Ticket Price:

Salam air Chittagong to Muscat (MCT) ticket price was 20k to 25k at the normal time before COVID-19. But now it’s huge. Now Chittagong to Muscat’s price is between 60k to 80k BDT. You can check here:

How To Book Salam Air Ticket:

The best way to book a salam air ticket is to book from its website directly without a third party. The main disadvantage of booking from the agency is the high ticket rate. Normally, all agencies do not sell salam air tickets because of some technical issue. Agencies that sell salam air tickets demand a higher price and try to make better profits in comparison to other airlines.

Salam Air Cheap Ticket:

if you want to buy a cheap ticket from salam air Dhaka to Muscat and other destination. Then buy a group ticket. If you buy a group ticket you can save a huge amount and the group ticket price is normally much much lower than the normal fares ticket. So the cheapest salam air ticket is only possible by buying a group ticket from a giant agency.

How To Check Whether My Salam air Group Ticket is Confirmed or Not?

You can not check group tickets from the salam air website. you can check normal tickets from the website. Group ticket data is not available in their archive. So you can not confirm it. Because group ticket is issued 2-3 days before the flights. The ticketing agency enlists the pax name first and before the flight date, they issue all tickets at a time. So buy group tickets from reliable and trusted agencies.

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Keep in mind Before Purchasing a salam air ticket:

  • Book a ticket directly from a website or a reliable agency
  • add food if you need
  • add extra baggage if you need (salam air normally provide 20kg bag on Dhaka/Chittagong to Muscat route)

Other than this, If you need to know the reissue Charge of tickets, You can contact them directly. or sometimes you need to add food or refund ticket or book a ticket, you can contact them directly with airlines if you don’t want to deal with third-party agency

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