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Air France Wi-Fi & Internet Onboard 2024 | AirFranceConnect

Are you a travel freak but often fail to choose which airline’s Wi-Fi facility is best for you? For your uttermost pleasure, Air France is giving their customers the best broadband service because they think their customers deserve the best. Air France Wi-Fi is one of the many elegant facilities these Airlines provide travellers.

Air France Wi-Fi now offers 3 types pass for their deserved and respected customers. They have launched a new broadband connectivity service called AirFranceConnect. And it is gradually being introduced on All Air France Aircraft for traveller’s comfort. You can choose from Message Pass, Surf Pass, and Stream Pass based on your priorities. Among these Passes of Air France, the message pass is free for all travellers.

Air France is one of the oldest carriers that has been flying over for almost 100 years! Aeropostale used to own this airline before 1933, but the bankruptcy of this company made them hand over this Airline to the France government. Thus this Airline started its journey as Air France in 1933. Since then, Air France has been serving their European and International customers by taking them to hundreds of destinations, including 11 in the United States.

Air France now offers flights to almost 200 destinations, and their facilities are worth your money! The popular destinations of Air France’s flights are Los Angeles, Paris, New York City, San Fransisco, and many more.

The Wi-Fi Plans Air France Offers:

Air France offers its customers three different Wi-Fi passes suitable for them. And among these three passes, one of the passes is for free, and you have to pay for the two other passes. The Passes which Air France has to offer their travellers-

  • Message Pass
  • Surf Pass
  • Stream Pass
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Cost and Facility of the Wi-Fi Plans

                Plans             Price            Facility
Message PassFreeIt allows you to text your family and loved ones for free when you are on board
Surf Pass3 Euros(France flights)
5 Euros(Europe flights)
8 Euros(International flights)
It allows you to surf the internet, check emails and for staying connected with the world when you are in the clouds
Stream Pass30 Euros(Only available on International Flights)It allows you to stream your favourite movies when you are bored on long flights.

Steps o connect with Air France Wi-Fi

If you are struggling with connecting to Air France Wi-Fi on board, then you just need to follow these 3 easy steps-

  • Whatever device you are using, activate the Airplane mode of your device
  • Then go to your network settings and activate our Wi-Fi by choosing AirFranceCONNECT Network
  • At the last step, launch “” on your browser and now you are connected with Air France Wi-Fi.


Which Aircrafts of Air France have the Wi-Fi facility?

Air France authority is gradually working on including a Wi-Fi facility on all of their flights, but now they have Wi-Fi on their Boeing 787s, Airbus A330s, and A350s.

Can I watch Netflix using Air France Wi-Fi?

It depends on which Air France Wi-Fi plan you are using; you can only stream videos on streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime when you have the Stream Pass.

I hope all your perplexion is cleared about Air France Wi-Fi after reading this article.

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