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A Step by Step Guide To Qantas WiFi in 2024

On its domestic Boeing 737 and Airbus A330 flights, Qantas WiFi provides a very quick and pleasantly free method to stay connected above the skies. Now, WiFi is available on almost all domestic Qantas flights and is provided free of charge.

But, there are some flights that lack WiFi. You have to be confirmed if there is WiFi or not on your desired flight before making your reservation. 

Qantas provides a free and easy method of staying connected to the internet when you’re in the skies.

What Qantas Flights have WiFi?

WiFi is available on almost all domestic Qantas flights. Qantas WiFi is available in the twin-aisle Airbus A330s that are frequently seen on east-west routes as well as the Boeing 737s that serve as the backbone of Qantas’ domestic fleet.

The earlier regional Qantas Link aircraft, including the Boeing 717 and Embraer E190, don’t have WiFi, however, when Qantas receives its new Airbus A220 regional aircraft, those are expected to have WiFi capabilities.

Qantas aircraft   Having onboard Qantas WiFi  
Boeing 737 (Domestic)Yes
Airbus A330 (Domestic)Yes
Airbus A380No
Airbus A330 (International)No
Boeing 787 DreamlinerNo

Be sure to check if your flight has onboard Qantas WiFi when making reservations.

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How Can You Tell if There Is Qantas In-Flight WiFi on Your Flight?

Knowing which Qanats airlines are WiFi enabled and which are not may be challenging because not all of them have a wi-fi facility.

Here are some methods for determining whether your airplane has WiFi or not:-

  • You can identify the aircraft type and other amenities when making a reservation by looking at the icons. It means that your aircraft might have WiFi if it has a black WiFi icon. However, there is no guarantee that it will be on board.
inflight wifi icon
  • The aircraft lacks Wi-Fi if the symbol is grayed out, as shown in the image below.
No inflight WiFi icon.
  • Many flights have the Wi-Fi symbol next to their name when you are on the departures board. So, if you see anything there, you can determine whether or not your flight has WiFi.
Departure Board WiFi icon.
  • Last but not least, a leaflet describing the airplane’s WiFi capabilities and how to connect it will be in your seat pocket when you take your seat.

Price for Qantas WiFi

Because Qantas WiFi is completely free, unlike most other airlines in the world, there is no cost associated with using their incredibly fast WiFi.

How to Connect to Qantas Free Inflight WiFi?

To access the Qantas wireless network:

  • First, locate the Qantas Free WiFi connection in your internet settings.
  • Once you’ve connected to the wireless network, go to Qantas WiFi in your browser by clicking on “Qantas Free WiFi.”
  • In order to connect to the WiFi network, you must first enter your first and last name as well as your seat number.
  • Once you have accepted the terms and conditions and privacy policy, click the connect button to connect to the network.
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You’ll then be able to enjoy the Qantas free WiFi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Qantas WiFi service free?

Yes, the Qantas inflight WiFi service is free of charge.

Do all Qantas flights have inflight WiFi service?

No, most domestic Qantas flights have inflight WiFi service but not all of them.

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