Kona Airport WiFi

A Proven Guide To Kona Airport WiFi in 2024

Onizuka Ellison Kona International Airport offers its passengers unlimited free WiFi access. WiFi is available in all areas of the passenger terminal. The airport authority provides WiFi service, with the SSID KOA Free WiFi.

The address of Onizuka Ellison Kona International Airport is 73-200 Kupipi St, Kalaoa, HI 96740, United States. There are three terminals with a total of ten gates and one runway in the Kona International Airport.

Figure 1- Kona International Airport WiFi.

Does Kona International Airport Have Free WiFi?

Kona International Airport provides free WiFi to all its passengers and visitor and the free WiFi network doesn’t employ any restrictions in regard to the time or number of devices that can be connected. 

The WiFi service is free for the first 45 minutes, after which you must reconnect to the WiFi SSID to continue using it. 

You can connect Kona International Airport’s (KOA) free WiFi service to any smart device, including smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers. Simply connect to the WiFi hotspot and begin using it on your device right away.

Access Points

The airport and terminals at Kona International Airport offer free WiFi connectivity throughout. This WiFi is accessible from any terminal or gathering location. Among the access points are:

  • All three terminals in the airport.
  • Any public gathering places within the airport area.
  • All the gates.
  • Baggage claim area.
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How To Connect to Kona Airport WiFi?

Figure 2- Connect to Kona International Airport Free WiFi.

To connect to Kona International Airport WiFi, follow the steps outlined below. –

  • To begin, enable Wi-Fi from your device’s Wireless & Network Settings.
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi network SSID “KOA Free WiFi” by clicking on it.
  • Select the free unlimited WiFi network in your device’s browser.

You are now ready to use the WiFi service once you have logged in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does  Kona International Airport have WiFi service?

Yes, Kona International Airport provides free internet access to all its visitors and passengers.

Is the free WiFi limited to 45 minutes at Kona International Airport?

No, the internet access will automatically disconnect after 45 minutes. But you can reconnect to the WiFi again and start continuing your internet service.

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