Hobby Airport Wi-Fi

Hobby Airport WiFi | WiFi Access Points, limits, and More

William P, Hobby Airport is an international airport that is located in Huston, Texas, United States. The terminal at William P. Hobby Airport is a single structure with two concourses. One is used for domestic flights, and another, for international flights.

All visitors and passengers at Houston Hobby Airport have access to high-quality, unlimited free WiFi. The passenger terminal, gates, parking garages, and other public gathering areas all have WiFi access.

Figure 1- Hobby Airport Wi-Fi

Does Huston Hobby Airport Have Free WiFi?

The Hobby International Airport provides free internet through WiFi to all passengers. There is no limit to the number of devices you can connect to the WiFi. The SSID is “Free Airport WiFi.” 

They, however, do not provide any paid premium version of airport WiFi since the free internet access is usually capable enough for your everyday use.

Access Points

You can easily access free internet throughout the airport and terminal in both concourses. Free WiFi is also available across the parking garages and all public spaces.

How To Connect to Huston Hobby Airport WiFi?

Figure 2- Connect to Hobby Wi-Fi

HOU’s terminals and parking garages all have free airport WiFi. You can easily connect to the WiFi and start using the free service. To connect to the WiFi, follow the steps given below-

  • Open the WiFi menu on your phone.
  • Look for and then select “Free Airport WIFI” from the list of available networks.
  • The Airport’s free WiFi page should automatically launch after doing that.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and then click “submit.”
  • You will then gain access to the airport’s free internet.
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Help Line

If you are experiencing WiFi problems, please contact the WiFi help desk.

  • Customer helpline: 1-844-831-0999

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the free WiFi SSID at Huston Hobby International Airport?

The name of the SSID WiFi access point of the free WiFi in Huston Hobby International Airport is “Free Airport WiFi.”

How many devices can you connect at once?

There is no limit to the device number.

Does Huston Hobby International Airport have free WiFi?

Yes, the airport does provide its passengers with free WiFi internet access.

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