A Complete Guide To Madrid Airport WiFi | MAD Free Wi-Fi 2023

Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport also known as Madrid–Barajas Airport, is the second-largest airport in Europe. With 61.8 million passengers traffic, Madrid–Barajas Airport has two fully wifi(Free) covered terminals and has three terminals with partially wifi(Free) coverage.

Facts about Madrid Airport

NameAdolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport
Airport typePublic
Wifi serviceYes (Free)
Wifi timelimitUnlimited
Wifi ProviderEurona Telecom company
WiFi helpline900 928 053
WiFi service email[email protected]
ServeMadrid metropolitan area
LocationDistrict of Barajas, Madrid
Coordinates40°28′20″N 003°33′39″W

Madrid–Barajas Airport WiFi Service:

Madrid Barajas Airport along with Eurona Telecom company ensures free wifi service for all the passengers without any time limitation. The wifi service is supported by advertisement, so you might have to perceive some advertisements for the free internet. Some basic navigation is applied to limit the download speed. You can use your mobile phone, laptop or any other device to get connected to the wifi service.

Madrid-Barajas Airport has free wifi access in some limited terminal areas. You can get free wifi service in the following areas:

  • Terminal T4 and T4S: Free wifi service is available throughout the whole T4 and T4S terminals.
  • Terminal T1, T2, and T3: VIP lounges, boarding areas, and the restaurant areas of the T1, T2, and T3 terminals have free wifi access for an unlimited time period. 
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How to connect Madrid-Barajas Airport Wifi?

Eurona Telecom company provides wifi facilitates to the Madrid-Barajas Airport. You don’t have to go through SMS confirmation or any other verification process to get connected to the Madrid Airport Free Wifi portal. Simply follow the mentioned below steps:

  • Enable wifi on the device that you want to connect.
  • Connect to the “Airport Free Wifi Aena” network
  • Open your browser and go to the website ‘freewifi.aena.es’
  • Once the welcome portal is opened on the website, you can log in using your Facebook, email, or LinkedIn account.
  • Read and agree with the terms and conditions
  • Enjoy your free unlimited wifi.

As you have to provide your personal account information to get connected to the free wifi portal, it is advised to use VPN while logging in.  A VPN connection will allow you to keep your passwords and private data safe from malicious observers.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How many devices are allowed to connect to the Madrid Airport wifi?

You can connect as many devices as you want to the Madrid Airport Wifi. There is no limitation on device connection but the limitation of download speed is restrained by the service provider.

What’s the time limitation for Madrid Airport’s free wifi?

There is no limited time span for the Madrid Airport’s free wifi. You can enjoy browsing for as long as want.

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