Lambert Airport Wi-Fi Guide 2023 | STL Free Wi-Fi

Every passenger who has flights to and from the St. Louis Lambert International Airport(STL) can stay connected to home and office using the Lambert Airport Wi-Fi. Both passengers and visitors at the airport can enjoy this service.

St. Louis Lambert International Airport offers 60-minutes of free Wi-Fi. To use the internet service for additional time, customers need to purchase their Wi-Fi plan for a day.

Lambert Airport Wi-Fi

Lambert Airport Wi-Fi is free to use for 1 hour. If you need to use the internet for more than an hour, you have to purchase a Wi-Fi plan for $7.95 for a day. The purchased Wi-Fi can be used for 24 hours at Lambert Airport. This Wi-Fi plan can be bought from the official website of the Airport.

Lambert Airport Wi-Fi is provided to customers in association with Boingo, one of the largest internet providers to airports in the U.S.A. To enjoy the free Wi-Fi service, passengers must watch a 30-second ad. Wi-Fi is available at the two terminals of the airport.

The Wi-Fi can be connected to desktops, mobiles, iPhones, laptops, and iPads. The free Wi-Fi at Lambert Airport has an average downloading speed of 60 Mbps. So, you might not be able to stream videos at this speed. But you can send emails, and messages, and stay connected to your loved ones using it.

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How To Connect To Lambert Airport Wi-Fi

You can connect to the free version of Lambert Airport Wi-Fi in the following ways-

  • Go to your android/iPhone’s settings
  • Make sure that the Wi-Fi is enabled. If it is not enabled turn it on
  • Search for the network name/SSID- *STL_FREE_WIFI
  • Tap on the network name
  • Open your device’s browser
  • Fill up the registration form and choose the service
  • Enjoy the free internet

You will be disconnected from the Wi-Fi after you have used it for 60 minutes. You can then buy the paid plan, that is, $7.95 for 24 hours from the official website of Lambert Airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lambert Airport Wi-Fi free?

Lambert Airport Wi-Fi is free to use for 1 hour.

Is there any purchase plan for Lambert Airport Wi-Fi?

Yes, there is a purchase plan for Lambert Airport Wi-Fi. You can buy it for $7.95 for day.

Which company provides internet access to Lambert Airport?

Lambert Airport Wi-Fi is provided through Boingo.

What is the network name/SSID of Lambert Airport Wi-Fi?

The network name/SSID of Lambert Airport Wi-Fi is *STL_FREE_WIFI.

In which places of the Lambert Airport, Wi-Fi service is available?

Lambert Airport Wi-Fi can be accessed from both of the airport terminals.

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