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Hollywood Burbank Airport also known as Bob Hope Airport, is a mid-sized domestic airport located north of Los Angeles in Burbank, California. The airport regularly handles flights that mostly serve destinations in the western United States and western Canada. It is the only airport in Los Angles with its own rail station connecting to Downtown Los Angeles. 

Burbank airport ensures great service to the passengers including Free wifi service, Food Services, Nursing Pods, and Retail Shops.

Facts about Hollywood Burbank Airport WiFi:

NameHollywood Burbank Airport
Owner Burbank–Glendale–Pasadena Airport Authority
Airport typePublic
OperatorBurbank–Glendale–Pasadena Airport Authority
Hub forAvelo Airlines
Wifi serviceYes (Free)
ServeNorthern Greater Los Angeles area
CountryUnited States of America
LocationBurbank, California, United States
Coordinates34°12′02″N 118°21′31″W
Social MediaTwitterLinkedin

Hollywood Burbank Airport WiFi service

Hollywood Burbank Airport has two joined terminals: Terminal A with 9 gates and Terminal B with 5 gates. The airport has free wifi service throughout both of its two terminals. The speed of the Hollywood Burbank Airport WiFi is quite good. You can stream high-quality videos and online games using the wifi without buffering.

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How to connect to Burbank Airport WiFi?

The wifi facilities of Hollywood Burbank airport are provided by NBC4. Connecting to the Hollywood Burbank Airport wifi is easier than many international airports’ wifi services. It does not require any SMS verification or log-in process. Simply follow the steps:

  • Enable wifi on your mobile phone, laptop, iPad, or any other device.
  • Find the SSID ‘NBC4’
  • Connect to the network ‘NBC4’
  • Enjoy browsing!

Customers of U.S telecommunications companies (AT&T and Verizon) can also access their accounts securely on laptops and mobile devices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Burbank Airport have free wifi?

Yes, Burbank airport has free wifi access inside the airport premises throughout the terminals.

Is there any restaurant with free wifi at the Burbank Airport?

There are 10 restaurants in Terminal A and 4 restaurants at terminal B. All the restaurants’ area is covered with free airport wifi.

How long I can use Hollywood Burbank Airport’s free wifi?

There is no time limitation for the usage of airport wifi. Hollywood Burbank Airport’s free wifi is available 24/7.

How many devices are allowed to connect?

You can connect your mobile phone, laptop, or any other device at the same time to the network NBC4’.

Is there any paid wifi service at the Hollywood Burbank Airport?

No, currently Hollywood Burbank Airport does not offer any paid internet packages. The airport has free wifi service for all the passengers provided by NBC4.

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