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A Simple Guide To Dublin Airport Wi-Fi in 2024

A piece of great news for everyone traveling through Dublin Airport is that Dublin Airport Wi-Fi is free to use. The free wireless broadband services are available at both the Dublin Airport Terminals. By using the Dublin Airport Wi-Fi passengers can complete their important tasks and even enjoy some entertainment without any hassle.

The Dublin Airport Wi-Fi

In December 2011, Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) and Eircom launched an unlimited free Wi-Fi service at Dublin Airport available to all passengers without sign-up/registration.

It is considered that Dublin Airport is the largest Wi-Fi location in Ireland. During the busiest months, Dublin Airport supplies around 600,000 Wi-Fi sessions that equal to 218,680 hours of accessing the internet by the customers.

Before 2011, Dublin Airport used to provide only 10 minutes of free Wi-Fi. Passengers had to pay a €1 charge for a full day’s access after the expiration of the free period.

Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) and Eircom have worked together to deliver the best quality Wi-Fi service at the Dublin Airport. There’s no nuisance of registration or payment and almost anyone at Terminals 1 and 2 can use Dublin Airport Wi-Fi very easily.

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How To Connect To Dublin Airport Wi-Fi?

Connecting to Dublin Airport Wi-Fi is really simple. You can do it by following the steps mentioned below-

  • Go to your mobile’s setting
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi option in your Android/iPhone
  • Find/Enter the network name- Dublin Airport Wi-Fi
  • Tap on the network name, and you’ll be connected
  •  No password and registration are required to connect to Dublin Airport Wi-Fi

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Dublin Airport Wi-Fi available?

Dublin Airport Wi-Fi is available at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of the Airport.

What is the network name of Dublin Airport Wi-Fi?

The network name of Dublin Airport Wi-Fi is “Dublin Airport Wi-Fi”.

Through which company does Dublin Airport supply Wi-Fi services to customers?

Dublin Airport supplies Wi-Fi services to customers through the Eircom company.

Is the Dublin Airport Wi-Fi free?

Yes, the Dublin Airport Wi-Fi is free. Passengers can use the Wi-Fi for as long as they want to.

When was the Dublin Airport Wi-Fi introduced?

Dublin Airport Wi-Fi was introduced in December 2011.

Is there any limitation in using Dublin Airport Wi-Fi?

There’s no limitation in using Dublin Airport Wi-Fi.

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