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A Total Guide To Beijing Airport WiFi & Internet in 2024

Whenever you are traveling from one place to another, it may take a huge portion of your time in the airport. And many airports have WiFi connections that passengers can use. 

Among the “many,” Beijing Airport has a WiFi connection for you to use. There are some access points, procedures to connect, and pricing factors that you need to understand. 

Beijing Airport WiFi Access Points

You will not often find access to the internet inside the Beijing airport. Do you know why? 

The Beijing airport WiFi has several access points where you can access the internet. Without access points, you may not get WiFi or get an unstable connection. The access points are given below-

  • Terminal 1
  • Terminal 2 
  • Terminal 3

Procedures to Connect Beijing Airport WiFi

To connect to Beijing Airport WiFi, you need to follow some procedures first. Now, there are two types of users, mobile phones and laptops. Here are the procedures that you can follow to connect to the WiFi-

Mobile Users  

  • Open Mobile WiFi
  • Find the SSID named “AIRPORT-FREE-WiFi.”
  • Open the mobile browser
  • Go to the “Boingo WiFi” page
  • Insert sim number (It should be your Chinese number)
  • Send the verification code to your mobile and verify it.
  • Connect to the WiFi. 

Laptop Users

  • Go to the WiFi options.
  • Press on “AIRPORT-FREE-WiFi”.
  • It will redirect you to the default browser of your laptop and will ask for verification.
  • Provide your mobile number and verify it.
  • Log in to the WiFi.
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WiFi Cost of Beijing Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport offers free WiFi in all public areas for travelers. However, the airport also offers a premium WiFi service for a fee. 

The limitation of free WiFi is only 4 hours. After that, you have to go for premium if you wanna continue the WiFi. The cost of this premium WiFi service is RMB 30 per day.

There are many WiFi providers in Beijing Airport, like Boingo. They provide you with free WiFi access for a specific time.

Also, you must scan your passport to access WiFi if you are an international passenger. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Devices have Access to Connect Beijing Airport WiFi?

There are no limitations on devices to use a WiFi connection. Any type of device, like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., can access Beijing airport WiFi.

Who is the Beijing Airport WiFi Provider? 

The main free WiFi service provider in Beijing airport is Boingo. Anywhere in the “PEK Airport” terminal, you can use the free WiFi.

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