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A Proven Guide To Zurich Airport (ZRH) WiFi in 2024

Zurich International Airport is located in Switzerland and is the largest in the country. 

Zurich International Airport offers free WiFi internet access in all its terminals, A, B, and E, and public places. Though the duration of the free WiFi is limited to four hours, and after that, the offer terminates. 

The countdown begins after connecting to the network, and the login refreshes after seven hours. Zurich International Airport also offers a paid method of WiFi internet for passengers who need more than 4 hours of internet.

Figure 1- Zurich Airport WiFi

Access Points

Zurich Airport provides internet across all terminals and public places. This includes –

  • Terminal A
  • Terminal B
  • Terminal E

How To Connect to Zurich Airport WiFi?

It is simple to connect to the Zurich Airport’s internet. All you need is a device that can connect to Wi-Fi, such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. You can either connect to the WiFi by telephone, text message, or with your boarding pass. 

Simply follow the steps below to join:

  1. By telephone-
    • Bring up your device’s Wi-Fi settings.
    • Go to the Wi-Fi network “Zurich Airport.”
    • Click “Register by phone call.”
    • Then enter your cell phone number. Select “Accept GTCs and log in.”
    • To begin the call confirming your login, click on the number displayed. Wait until the announcement is finished before hanging up. 
    • Click the “Connect to the Internet” button. 
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For a limited time, you can now access the Internet for free.

  • By text message-
    • Same as the telephone,
    • Choose “Register by SMS.”
    • Give your phone number and press the “Send a code to my phone” button.
    • The code will then be sent to you via text message. To register with your smartphone, enter this code into your device or click on the link in the SMS.
    • Click the “Connect to the Internet” button. 
  • By your boarding pass-
    • Same as the previous
    • Choose “Registration by boarding pass.”
    • Your code will be given to you at a boarding pass scanner or an information desk. Please enter the code and press the “Accept GTCs and log in” button.
    • Click the “Connect to the Internet” button. 

WiFi Price of Zurich Airport 

Figure 2- WiFi Package

Although Zurich Airport provides free Wi-Fi, purchasing a package will allow you to stream 4k movies and other activities that require large data files.

The prices and details for the three packages are listed below-

1 Hour6.90 CHF
2 Hours9.90 CHF
24 Hours14.90 CHF


Frequently Asked Questions

Is WiFi free in Zurich airport?

Yes, there is a free WiFi option that terminates after 4 hours of logging in at Zurich airport. The airport also offers a paid method of internet accessibility.

What Is The Network Name Of the free Zurich Airport Wi-Fi?

Zurich Airport’s free Wi-Fi network name is “Zurich Airport.”

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