Manchester Airport WIFI

A Proven Guide To Manchester Airport WIFI in 2024

Manchester Airport provides WIFI facilities to every passenger within the whole area. It was established in 1938 as Ringway Airport and now is the 3rd busiest in the UK.

Manchester Airport’s WIFI facility is available for passengers transiting via. One can use a maximum of 4 hours a day with a £1 extension of high-speed uninterrupted online access. 

Location of WIFI

Manchester Airport provides its WIFI facility all over the airport area. Terminals, Lounge, Railway visitor park everywhere WIFI available, based on your preference (Free, £1 Extension or Premium).

Cost of wifi

Figure 01- Cost of Manchester Airport WIFI

Manchester Airport doesn’t charge its passengers for 4 hours of maximum WIFI usage. An extended usage for £1 is also available for your uninterrupted activities. Just connect to the SSID _FreeWifi and enjoy. 

Moreover, there are some premium services also available with different SSID. As a passenger or visitor one can access the premium WIFI facility within these packages.

Package PriceDurationSSID Name
£5Per Hour“Spectrum” or “MAG”
£10Per Day“Spectrum” or “MAG”
£30Per Month“Spectrum” or “MAG”

Usage Process

To use the premium WIFI facilities in Manchester Airport you need to follow these steps

  • Find SSID Spectrum or MAG in your available networks list and select.
  • After the election, a popup will appear or a link in your browser to complete the registration.
  • Upon completing the registration just purchase the package you like and enjoy till the time limit.
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How to Connect 

How to Connect to WIFI in Manchester Airport

Theoretically, the WIFI connection process is the same. But depending on your device type, there’ll be a little different such as

 Mobile Device

  • On Android, open WIFI from settings and search for SSID ‘_FreeWifi’, “Spectrum” or “MAG” from the network list.
  • On iOS, open WIFI settings from the home screen and look for SSID  ‘_FreeWifi’, “Spectrum” or “MAG” from the available list.
  • Next, connect to your preferred service SSID and enjoy.


  • On Windows OS, open set a new connection from the Network & Sharing Center. Later type your preferred SSID->Security type WPA2-Personal-> check on Start this connection automatically. 
  • On Macbook, enable WIFI connection from the menubar-> find your preferred SSID->Connect.


On every corner of the port, authorized personnel are available to help you. If you need any information remotely, +44 808 169 7030 is always active for you.


Any Limitations in Using Free WIFI? 

Manchester Airport offers you 4 hours of interruption-free WIFI access for 24 hours. You can use it all at once or multiple times within the day. 

How Much Costs for Extra WIFI Usage?

If you have any emergency but reach your daily limit, you can still use the WIFI service for £1. An uninterrupted service on the Pay-As-You-Go policy. Aside from this, there are multiple paid packages from Spectrum or MAG.

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