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British Airways Wi-Fi & Internet Connectivity Guide 2024

Hey there, is your habit of travelling but often find it difficult choosing the Airlines that suit your requirement? Then there is a piece of delightful information for you, British Airlines is giving their best service that suits their regular customers. British Airlines Wi-Fi is one of the excellent facilities they provide to their respected customers of economics and business classes.

Whether you travel on short-haul flights or long-haul flights, it doesn’t matter because British Airways Wi-Fi is available on both types of flights. To make your journey more comfortable and communicative, this Wi-Fi is the best service that you can have flying in the clouds! British Airways is providing different kinds of Wi-Fi plans according to their customers’ needs. British Airways offer packages in two categories-Message packages and Browse and Stream Packages.

Beside the inflight, British Airways have inflight entertainment where you can watch TV series, Movies, Music and magazine

Before going into more details, let’s know some vital information about British Airways. The Airline started its flight journey in 1974, and its headquarter is located near Heathrow Airport in London. From 1974 till now, they are giving international flight services along with local services, including the United States and Paris.

British Airways is now serving their Wi-Fi facility in all of their aircraft, including  Boeing 747, Flight 149, and Airbus a380, and it’s worth your money.

British Airways Wi-Fi Packages

As mentioned above, British Airways provides two different categories of packages, including Messaging Package and the Streaming and Browsing package.

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          Packages    Option of MessagingOption of browsing and streaming
Instant Messaging PackageAvailable:  By using this package, you will be able to test your near and dear ones, and the clouds won’t stop you         Available
Package of sending and receiving email (without attachment)Available: By using this package you can send text messages along with emails, but you can’t attach files with your email          Available
Send and receive email package(with attachment)Not Available: By using this package you can’t send text messages but can send emails with attached files          Available
Package of browsing the web and social mediaNot Available: You can browse the internet and your social media accounts using this package         Available
Package of streaming video content, music, and filmsNot Available: You can stream videos from any platform like Netflix or Amazon prime by using this package         Available

British Airways Wi-Fi cost plan:

 The prices of British Airways Wi-Fi may vary on the duration of your flights.

Cost Plan of short-haul flights:

                        Package                                    Price
                        Messaging            1.99£ -2.99£/2.39$-3.60$
            Browsing and Streaming            4.99£-11.99£/6$-14.43$

Cost Plan of long-haul flights:

                        Package                                    Price
                        Messaging              2.99£-4.99£/3.60$-6$
            Browsing and Streaming            4.99£-21.99£/6$-26.45$

Steps to connect British Airways Wi-Fi on your device

If you are struggling to connect or pair your device with British Airways Wi-Fi then kindly follow this procedure-

  • Enable flight mode: When you are about 10,000 ft above the ground after the aircraft took off, you have to turn on your device’s Airplane Mode.
  • Connect to British Airways Network: After the first step, connect to your network settings and the “BAWi-Fi” network.
  • Open your Web Browser: In the next step, open your device’s web browser, and the .air homepage will start automatically. If this homepage doesn’t start automatically, visit in your browser.
  • Purchase your suitable package: After connecting to their homepage, select the suitable package from British Airways.
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Can I use Netflix using British Airways Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can stream videos from any streaming platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime using British Airways W-Fi. But to use this facility, you must buy one of the Wi-Fi packages British Airways offer.

Does British Airways have a free Wi-Fi facility?

No, you must purchase a suitable package for using British Airways Wi-Fi.

Can I switch between devices using the same purchased package?

No, you can’t switch between devices because one specific package is linked with only one device you first connect it with.

Who is the provider of British Airways Wi-Fi?

Inmarsat is the provider for the Wi-Fi that you use onboard British Airways.

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