Does Spirit Airlines Have WiFi

Does Spirit Airlines Have WiFi in 2024 | What’s the Last Update?

To keep you connected, Spirit Airlines has introduced cutting-edge, high-speed WiFi for passengers in two of their particular flights: Airbus A320 and A321. Cost-effectively watch TV programs and movies online, play games, and stay in touch with friends and family on your own devices.

By 2022, Spirit’s satellite service had become one of the quickest in-flight WiFi service providers among U.S. airlines. This made it a cut above the competition. If you want to buy WiFi access on your next flight, just keep an eye out for the WiFi icon.

Does Spirit Airlines Have WiFi?

Yes, Spirit Airlines has been featuring WiFi advancement for their passengers on two flights. Airline’s Airbus A320 and A321 are enabled with high-speed WiFi coverage. 

To provide its passengers with high-speed Internet access, Spirit Airlines has teamed with Thales to provide WiFi across its entire network throughout the Americas. 

Even though it is anticipated to be a bit of a stretch at times, this WiFi is fast enough to provide streaming, and Spirit guarantees an “at-home quality of experience in the air.”

By this year, Spirit has become FlytLIVE-enabled aircraft by linking to the new SES-17 satellite, the fastest WiFi service available on any US-based airline.

What Is the Cost of Using WiFi on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines offers two separate WiFi packages with varying prices depending on the length of the flight:

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A $2.99 per flight browsing package is available, perfect for casual web use and keeping in contact with friends and family through email, chat, and social media.

At only $5.99 per flight, the streaming subscription is a steal, given its 20x better speeds compared to the browsing option.

Connecting to the “Spirit WiFi” network or opening a web browser to Spiritwifi will always lead you to the purchase of WiFi while you are on the ship.

Since August 24, 2022, any passenger who prepays for a plan will be given a coupon code to use during their journey.

How To Get WiFi On Spirit Airlines?

If you notice the WiFi icon while booking your Spirit flight, you may pre-purchase WiFi access for your whole flight.

Here is how to connect to Spirit WiFi after you have boarded the plane:

  • Turn on wireless internet access on your computer, laptop, mobile phone, or other smart devices.
  • Track down all the nearby wireless hotspots.
  • Sign up for the “Spirit_WiFi” network.
  • If a web browser does not launch immediately, go to If you paid for WiFi when you made your reservation, you may either buy a Browsing or Streaming plan from that page or input the voucher code you were provided at that time.

As a result, you may use the flight’s WiFi for a fee on Spirit Airlines. The service may be used immediately without making any advance payments.

The current rate covers the use of a single device during the journey. Spirit, though, claims they have plans in the works to enable simultaneous device connections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does WiFi Cost on Spirit?

Flight duration determines browsing and streaming plans. Browsing costs $2.99, and streaming $5.99, rising with flight length. The Web and inflight WiFi site show flight prices.

Does Spirit Airlines Have Free WiFi?

There is no free WiFi on Spirit Airlines. You have to choose from two packs, $2.99 and $5.99.

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