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Tap Air Portugal WiFi & Internet Guide 2024

Are you a core traveller? If the answer is yes, then we are sure you always find it challenging to find airlines that serve the best deal for you! So for your ease and surprise, here is to inform you that Tap Air Portugal(TP) is giving the best Wi-Fi service on board. Tap Air Portugal’s Wi-fi service is one of the many best deals they offer.

Tap Air Portugal gives you the best service of broadband you can ever find on board! After connecting to Tap Air’s broadband connection, you can stay connected to the world even on board. The height and miles difference won’t hinder communicating with your friends and family! Enjoy their free Wi-Fi and entertainment service in the cloud! Tap’s service expands to four countries, including 100 destinations by travelling to Europe, Africa, North America, and South America.

Before we proceed with more information about this service, we are sure there is no harm in knowing some vital details on Tap Air Portugal. The state of Portugal owns this airline, which means the government claims it. This airline’s headquarters is in Lisbon Airport and works as a central service point of the hub. The first flight of Tap Air Portugal took off in 1945, and since then, the Airline has been serving travellers worldwide!

Here is the information you will need about the Wi-Fi and entertainment service they provide:

Tap Air Portugal Wi-fi Packages

Tap Air Portugal’s Wi-Fi service is not free. You must pay a certain amount to get Tap Air’s inflight Wi-Fi service.

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              Provided Amount of Internet                         Cost
                            4 MB                       4.99$
                           14 MB                       14.99$
                            100 MB                        45$

The speed of Tap Air’s broadband connection is around 54 KB per minute.

The facility from Data Plans

The facilities and service you will get from their Data plan is insane!

                 Free Service Unlimited free text options
                 Pack Light 100 MB Option of sending, replying and receiving emails
                 Pack Premium 200 MB Option of accessing social media and browsing.
                 Pack Full Flight Option of browning the internet without any limit.

How To Connect To Tap Air Portugal Wi-Fi on Board?

If you find connecting with their Wi-Fi service challenging and don’t want trouble asking the Air hostess, don’t worry about it. Here are the steps to make it easier for you-

  • Turn on your Wi-Fi: Whatever device you are using, enable your Wi-Fi by going to the network settings.
  • Connect with Tap Wi-Fi Network: If the browser of your device still does not works even after connecting to Tap network, then launch the browser and enter the following address onboardwifi.flytap.com.
  • Select your desired package: Select a package from their menu that goes with your rate.

Another way to connect: GSM 3G/4G

  • The first thing you have to do is disable both your Airplane mode and Wi-Fi
  • In the very next step, you have to enable data roaming
  • If it doesn’t work automatically, you have to do it manually by selecting AeroMobile Networking

Tap Air Portugal Inflight Entertainment

source: Chews to Explore
  • Magazine and Newspapers for free: Tap Portugal offers a service that allows you to download newspapers and magazines on your device for free!
  • Learn Portuguese: If this is your first time travelling to Portugal, you can learn a few Portuguese words from their App.
  • Suitable entertainment for kids: There are hundreds of anime and cartoons from which your children can choose to watch on their journey
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Can I watch Netflix on Tap Portugal A330 flight?

You can binge-watch your favourite series or movies when flying in the clouds with Tap Air Portugal, and it will be a pleasurable experience.

Who provides the Wi-Fi service in Tap Air Portugal?

OnAir is the provider of Tap Air Portugal’s onboard broadband connection.

Is Tap Air Portugal’s Wi-Fi service free?

No, the internet service they provide on board is not free. You will have to select their internet plans by paying a specific rate.

Do all the planes of Tap Air Portugal have a Wi-Fi facility?

No, only the A330 flight of Tap Air provides a Wi-Fi facility. It takes the routes between Europe and America but has no route to Africa.

I hope we have satisfied all your queries about Tap Air Portugal Wi-Fi. Have a safe journey with their airlines!

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