Guides & Tips To Connect To Japan Airlines Wi-Fi 2024

Japan Airlines (JAL) is one of the major flag carriers of Japan that was founded in 1951. It is the first international airport in Japan. At present, this airline reaches 54 countries with its extensive service. On average, the airport handles more than 20 million passengers. For better customer service, Japan airline has both free and paid inflight Wi-Fi packages.

Basic On Japan Airlines

NameJapan Airlines Co. Ltd
Parent companyDaiwa Securities Group, Kyocera
HeadquarterShinagawa, Tokyo
IATA codeShinagawa, Tokyo
Focus cityTokyo–Haneda, Tokyo–Narita
Inflight Wi-FiFukuoka, Naha/Okinawa, Nagoya–Centrair, Sapporo–Chitose
Passenger Destinations921
Operating aircraft155
Social MediaFacebook   

Japan Airlines Wi-Fi Service

Japan Airlines offer both free and paid Wi-Fi package. With regards to free Wi-Fi, it is only applicable to domestic flights. International flights and flights operated by HAC/J-Air/JAC/RAC flights do not provide free Wi-Fi. On the other hand, if you would like to purchase a Wi-Fi package, it will have the following options. For payment, you could use a credit card from JAL Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, JAL USA CARD or JAIL CARD.

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SmallUnlimitedOne hourUSD 9.15
MediumUnlimitedThree hoursUSD 12.95
largeUnlimited24 hoursUSD 16.80

How to connect to the Japan Airlines Wi-Fi Service?

You could get connected with the Japan Airlines Wi-Fi service by a smartphone, laptop or Tab. Please follow the following steps to get connected to the Wi-Fi.

  • Before taking off, please turn on the airplane mode
  • Enable Wi-Fi on your device
  • Later on, you will see the Japan Airlines network that is” JAL-Wi-Fi”; please select the network
  • Open your browser and in the box of URL write “”
  • You will then see a page with a box where you must write down your mail address
  • Below the box of the mail address, you need to click the “CONNECT” box
  • That is all; you are there!

For more details, please visit: How to use inflight Wi-Fi service (Japanese language with picture)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Japan Airlines offer free inflight Wi-Fi service?

Yes, they do. However, it is limited; they mostly offer the service for domestic services. For international flights, you must purchase a paid package.

Does Japan Airlines offer paid Wi-Fi?

Yes, they do. You could find three different packages which cost between USD 9.25 to USD 16.80

Can I stream Netflix by using Japan Airlines’ inflight Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can. You may experience a little bit of occasional buffering in this regard

What to do if I cannot get connected with the Japan Airlines inflight Wi-Fi?

It might happen! You just need to follow the steps:
-Browser>Internet options>Cookies>Off
-Browser>Internet options>JavaScript>Enabled
-Browser>Internet options>Privacy mode>Off

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