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Does Korean Air Have WiFi | Is In-Flight Entertainment Enough? 

South Korea’s flag carrier, Korean Air (KE), has the biggest fleet. Seoul is the airline’s headquarters. This airline offers 13 domestic and 126 domestic destinations in 44 countries.

Currently, Korean Air does not provide WiFi on its flights. Korean Air may not provide onboard WiFi since satellite technology slows surfing speed, which is welcomed in South Korea.

Korean Air intends to remodel business class seats and provide onboard Internet to all flights during the next several years.

Figure 1- Korean Air WiFi

What is the Korean Air In-flight Entertainment?

Instead of providing WiFi on board, Korean Air provides its clients with high-quality in-flight entertainment.

Seatback monitors of varied sizes play amusing audio and video material, while first-class passengers may use the complimentary headphones.

Moreover, the airline joined Inflight Dublin, a worldwide provider of wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) services, in May 2021 to enhance passenger happiness.

Their A220 fleets started offering AVOD services to passengers for free for a trial period of six months.

Connecting their own electronic devices to the A220’s in-flight WiFi, passengers may now watch movies, listen to music, and watch television programs they downloaded before takeoff.

However, the A220 plane does not have seat-back screens, so passengers must use their mobile devices to access the in-flight entertainment system.

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How To Connect To Wireless Entertainment On Korean Air’s A220?

On Apple iOS:

  • Put your device into “airplane” mode.
  • Active the wireless connection by turning on the device.
  • Use your phone’s menu to access the [Lauch Portal].
  • Explore the many in-flight shows available.

On Android:

  • Activate airplane mode.
  • WiFi must be on, and the device must be linked to the “KAL WiFi” network.
  • The URL may be copied by clicking “Copy Link” on your browser.
  • Simply hit your browser’s search button after pasting the URL.
  • Relax and watch some funny videos.
Figure 2- WiFi Must Be On, and the Device Must Be Linked to the Kal WiFi Network

How To Cope Without In-flight WiFi Onboard Korean Air?

Not having access to the internet for a given amount of time might seem like starvation to many individuals. On TripAdvisor, one particularly furious traveler to Korea said that the airline’s lack of WiFi was a “showstopper” for him.

Future Plans on WiFi of Korean Airlines

WiFi connectivity will soon be available onboard Korean Air aircraft. In the future, this will be installed as part of the updated passenger cabin and operating system.

Figure 3- WiFi Connectivity Will Soon Be Available Onboard Korean Air Aircraft

Providing passengers with WiFi that can access the airline’s extensive network is expensive. In Seoul, the company held a General Meeting where company head Walter Cho highlighted upcoming company service changes.

All air airlines will provide high-speed internet connections, enabling users to surge for everything instead of just a basic connection. Some air carriers are now offering charging stations for passengers utilizing internet services for work or enjoyment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for Korean air WiFi?

Absolutely free of charge; no Korean airline currently offers in-flight WiFi.

How to refund Korean air Wifi?

Just fill out the “contact us” form on the company’s website to obtain a refund for Korean Air’s in-flight WiFi. To get a refund from Korean Air, you must provide your flight and ticket numbers.

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