Does Frontier Have WiFi

Does Frontier Have WiFi? | WiFi Cost, Speed, and Availability

It is no secret that Frontier Airlines offers very cheap flights. A free Wi-Fi connection, a streaming movie service, or any other kind of in-flight entertainment is not available on this airline for a valid reason. 

Those flying with Frontier may pay for in-flight Wi-Fi access. Sending information to anything traveling through the sky at 550 miles per hour is difficult and costly. Unfortunately, in-flight Wi-Fi is infamously sluggish, making even writing a short e-mail a chore.

Figure 1- Does Frontier Have WiFi?

What Frontier Airlines Planes Have WiFi?

The whole fleet of A320s, Airbuses, and some other aircraft in the Frontier Airlines fleet provide free in-flight WiFi for passengers.

However, the technology behind in-flight Wi-Fi is advancing at a fast pace. Gogo’s 2Ku technology makes it feasible to do stuff online, like watching Netflix. Additionally, until infrastructure advances to meet the demands of travelers, there are browser add-ons that may speed up page loads by as much as 400%.

The choice for many budget airlines like Frontier is between paying a lot for subpar in-flight Wi-Fi or going without it altogether. In addition, corporate passengers who want Internet access from their gate to their destination are not likely to fly with a regional low-cost airline.

Figure 2- Frontier Airbus A320s Offers Free Wi-Fi

How To Connect to Frontier Airlines WiFi?

The airline magazine is available in the pocket of the seat in front of you. All the information you need to hook up with Frontier’s wifi may be found within the magazine (Frontier AirlinesWifi).

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Once you pay for WiFi, it is active. Log in using the email address you used to buy the service. Customers using Frontier My Wi-Fi utilize their primary FrontierNet email address.

  • Connect to Frontier My Wi-Fi from your wireless device.
  • Windows users may discover the network by clicking the lower-right wireless icon.
  • Mac users may discover the network by clicking the upper-right wireless icon.
  • Settings > Wi-Fi on your phone or tablet.
  • Open your browser once connected.
  • If you already use Frontier My Wi-Fi, enter your login info.
  • If you are new, click Purchase My Wi-Fi Access and choose a plan. Or add Frontier My Wi-Fi to Frontier High-Speed Internet.

WiFi Speed of Frontier Airlines and Price

The average download speed on Frontier Airlines’ WiFi is 500–600 kilobits per second, while the average upload speed is 300 kilobits per second. 

The price of Frontier Airlines differs with several entities. The full price list of Frontier Wifi is given below-

Laptop650 miles$4.95
Laptop651-1150 miles$9.95
Mobile650 miles$4.95
Mobile650 miles to longer$7.95

Moreover, passengers on flights as long as 650 miles have the option to purchase 15 minutes of WIFI for $1.95 on Frontier.

Aside from this, If you regularly fly, you may want to consider the $49.95/month GOGO unlimited option gives you access to the internet on any aircraft that offers GOGO service. 

For $39.95, you may purchase a monthly membership to use the internet on any GOGO-enabled aircraft. Daily Gogo Pass for $14. 5$ for 1 hour of use.

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Figure 3- Frontier’s Wi-Fi Averages 500-600 Kbps Download and 300 Kbps Upload

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Frontier Airlines Wifi Support Netflix?

Netflix is supported on the WiFi provided by Frontier Airlines, and passengers will be able to stream material from Netflix to their personal laptops and other smart devices while they are in flight.

Does Frontier Give You a Router?

Every Frontier customer receives a hand-picked, extensively tested router to optimize their services. When you connect your broadband connection for the first time, you must use this Frontier network or modem.

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