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A Guide To United Airlines WiFi 2024

Based in Chicago U.S.A, United Airlines is the third largest airline in the world. It is also a founding member of the largest airline alliance in the world, Star Alliance. Among 8 hubs, Chicago–O’Hare International Airport is the largest hub of United Airlines. United Airlines has an extensive domestic and international route network that covers 342 destinations across the United States and all other six continents with about 839 main fleets. 

United Airlines offers inflight wifi on all of their mainline fleets with the convenience of purchasing a day pass or monthly and yearly wifi subscription. From December 2021, United Airlines included free messaging on apps like iMessage, Whatsapp, etc. in their inflight wifi service. 

Facts about United Airlines:

Name UnitedAirlines
Alliance Star Alliance
HeadquartersWillis Tower, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
HubsChicago–O’Hare International Airport
Denver International Airport
Guam International Airport
Houston–Intercontinental International Airport
Los Angeles International Airport
Newark International Airport
San Francisco International Airport
Washington–Dulles International Airport
Inflight Wi-FiYes 
Inflight Wifi ProviderGogo, Viasat, Panasonic, and Thales
Passenger Destinations342
Operating Aircraft839
Social MediaFacebook

United Airlines Inflight WiFi Service:

In this age, inflight wifi service has become a necessity for passengers, and to cope with the demand United Airlines is upgrading its service frequently. From December 2021, Passengers flying with United Airlines can send and receive messages on IP-based instant messaging apps(iMessage, Whatsapp, etc,) free of cost using the United Airlines inflight wifi. Alongside the free messaging service, United Airlines also has a wifi day pass and monthly-annually wifi subscriptions service. MileagePlus members can purchase any wifi plans using their acquired miles points. 

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Free messagingFreeWhole flightSend and receive texts on apps like iMessage, Whatsapp, etc. 

Unites Airlines WiFi Day Plan:

United Airlines offers a wifi day pass on all of their wifi-equipped flights. On domestic and short-haul flights the pricing for a day wifi pass is  $10 and $8 for MileagePlus members. Prices of day wifi pass differ on long international flights. Passengers can purchase the day pass during booking and from the My Trip page. The wifi day pass activates an hour before the flight and passengers can use it during the whole flight. If the flight is delayed one hour and more, the time duration of the wifi day pass will be adjusted. It will not be adjusted in the case of delaying less than an hour. 

PlanPrice (MileagePlus members)Price (Non-members)Time Duration
Wifi Day Pass8 USD10 USDThe whole flight

Passengers can browse the internet, send and receive emails, and messages, and use social media using the United Airlines wifi day pass. Video streaming on services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc. is only available on Viasat-equipped fleets. 

Unites Airlines Monthly and Yearly wifi subscription Plan:

For frequent flyers, United Airlines made the purchasing hassle easier. United Airlines provides monthly and yearly subscriptions that allow passengers to use the internet during the whole flight for an entire month or year on any United Airlines wifi-equipped aircraft. The monthly subscription for United Airlines wifi starts at $49 and it varies from region to region. Passengers can purchase the wifi subscription plan at any time from their website. You can save up to $139 by purchasing the yearly plan starting at $539.

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Region MonthlyAnnual Buying Option
North and Central America$49/7,500 miles$539/80,000 milesBuy now
Global$69/10,500 miles$689/100,000 milesBuy now

United Airlines Gogo Plans:

Gogo is one of the inflight wifi providers of United Airlines. If the internet access on the United Airlines flight is provided by Gogo, passengers can purchase gogo wifi plans on board or can log into their existing gogo account using United Airlines inflight wifi. 

1-hour pass$7.001 hour
All-Day pass$19.00Whole flight

How to Connect to United Airlines inflight WiFi?

You will find the connection process of United Airlines inflight wifi briefly described in the HemispheresSM inflight magazine or you can ask the crew for help. It’s not a hard task to do. Simply follow the steps:

  • Keep your device on airplane mode. 
  • Enable wifi 
  • Connect to the network “United_Wi-Fi.”
  • If the United Wi-Fi portal page does not appear automatically, open your default browser and search “unitedwifi.com”
  • Choose your preferred plan and continue with the payment procedure.
  • Enjoy browsing!

United Airlines Inflight Entertainment:

For passengers’ convenience, United Airlines have a private screening entertainment system, personal device entertainment, and Direct tv. Passengers can enjoy all the Hollywood hits and trending TV shows on the seatback entertainment screen or from their own device. Find out the latest content here

Personal Device entertainment:

Passengers can pass the boring flight time by enjoying all the latest content on the United app from the comfort of their own devices. Simply follow the steps. 

  • Connect to the in-flight Wi-Fi hotspot “United_Wi-Fi.
  •  Go to the website www.unitedprivatescreen.com
  • Select your favourite movie, tv series, or show and begin to watch.
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Direct TV:

United Airlines provides live tv service free of charge on select Boeing 737 aircraft. Passengers can enjoy more than 100+ tv channels without any cost while flying with United Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does United Airlines have free wifi?

United Airlines has a free messaging service on all of their wifi-equipped flights. For browsing, emailing, or using social media, you can purchase the wifi day pass or monthly plan of United Airlines. 

Can I stream Netflix using United Airlines inflight wifi?

Video streaming is only available on Viasat-equipped United Airlines flights. 

Can I access VPN using United Airlines inflight wifi?

You can access VPN using United Airlines inflight wifi if you purchase the paid plans. You can not use VPN using the free messaging service. 

Is there any time limitation on the usage of United AIrline’s inflight wifi?

All the free and paid internet plans of United Airlines are for the whole flight time period. There is no time or data limitation on the usage of United Airlines inflight wifi.

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