Miami Airport Sleeping Pods

Miami Airport Sleeping Pods | Rest and Nap in Layover

There’s no doubt that airports are one of the busiest places. Flood of passengers boarding or getting off of a flight, different noise sources are sure to tire one out sooner than expected. 

This is why an airport should be equipped with sleeping pods or something similar to let the passengers rest for a while before their next flight or in a long layout. 

Airport sleeping pods are very effective in providing the best way for a quick nap or rest solution. Though you won’t find Miami airport sleeping pods, they have taken effective measures to tackle this issue. 

Sleeping pods are small rooms or compartments where people can lie down and rest for a while. They are installed in public areas like airports, hospitals, and parks. They come in different sizes and shapes, providing many facilities like wifi, a charging system, etc.

Figure 1: Miami Airport Sleeping Pods

Does Miami Airport Have Sleeping Pods?

Unfortunately, there are no Miami airport sleeping pods. Miami International Airport (MIA) is yet to install sleeping pods for travellers. But alternatives are surely available. 

Miami airport has hotels within the airport, lounges with different facilities, multiple spacious seating areas, nursing suites or pods for moms, child care facilities, pet care facilities, care for people with disabilities, etc. 

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Medical services, food, wifi, mobile charging, spa and shower, art exhibition, smoking area, etc., are also provided in this airport. 

Alternatives of Sleeping Pods: Hotels in Airports

Miami International Airport Hotel

Figure 2: Miami International Airport Hotels Facilities
  • Location: Miami international airport hotel is located inside the airport.
    • It’s in the central terminal, concourse E, level 2 (Departures). They offer a day use room from 10.00 am – 6.00 pm.
  • Facilities: depending on different rooms, you get different amenities. Free wifi, tv, refrigerator, bathtub, air conditioning, etc., are available. 
  • Cost:
Room typesPrice per Night
Queen Bed (1 queen bed, non-smoking, non-refundable)$200
Two Queen Room (2 queen beds)$229
King room (1 king bed)$232

Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel

  • Location: Right outside Miami airport
  • Facilities: This park view hotel provides complimentary airport shuttles, free wifi, soundproof rooms, no-smoking rooms, city view rooms, landmark view rooms, suites, family rooms,  pool, free airport transportation, conference facilities, air conditioning, etc. 
  • Cost:
Room TypesPrice per night
Traditional Two Queen Rooms$200
Traditional King Room $143
Club Two Queen Room $151
Club King Room$159

Courtyard by Marriott Miami Airport

Figure 3: Courtyard by Marriott Miami Airport Hotels Facilities
  • Location: Outside Miami airport
  • Facilities: it has free shuttles, bars, pool, free wifi, kids stay free service, shower, paid public parking on site, free airport transportation, gym, etc.
  • Cost:
Room TypesPrice Per  Night
King Room$200
Executive Room with Courtyard View$161
Two Queen Room$161
Executive Two Queen Room$179

Apart from these, other hotels near Miami airport can provide a wider range of facilities in place of Miami airport sleeping pods.

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Alternatives of Sleeping Pods: Lounges

American Airlines Admirals Club

Figure 4: American Airlines Admirals Clubs Facilities
  • Location: North Terminal, concourse D, 3rd floor, gate D15, at Skytrain Stop 1. Also, gate D30, 3rd Skytrain Stop(open from 5.30 am – 10.30 pm)
  • Facilities: Beverages, child care, printing, showers, wifi, snack, tv, etc.
  • Cost: You can pay in person US$60.00 for a single person. You also have the option of purchasing a yearly subscription with American Airlines for a price that starts at $500.

Avianca VIP Lounge

  • Locations: South terminal, concourse J South, airside, 3rd floor. Available 24 hours. 
  • Facilities: shower, food, wifi, newspapers, drinks, air conditioning, tv, etc.

Centurion Lounge

  • Location: north terminal, concourse D, airside, 4th floor, Gate 12. 
  • Facilities: spa, workspace, family room, shower, food and drinks, tv, bar, printer, fax, etc.

Apart from these, other lounges are available at Miami International airport, providing many facilities.

Other Amenities

Currently, Miami airport sleeping pods are not available. But there are other things to look forward to. There are pet care facilities and a special room with sensors for people with disabilities. There are pods for moms for pumps or nursing.

There are also arrangements for a spa, shower, etc. you will be able to freshen up and rest well in MIA.

Final Note

Miami airport does not have sleeping pods. But despite Miami airport sleeping pods not being a thing, the airport provides many varied facilities. It can concur that despite not having sleeping pods, Miami airport has sleeping and resting facilities along with many other apparatus. 

It is wiser for travelers to be up to date with frequently used airports to make sure that they can use up all the provided facilities well. 

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