A Complete Guide To Alaska Airlines Inflight WiFi, Internet & Entertainment 2024

Based in Washington, Alaska Airlines is the sixth-largest airline in North America. Among the five hubs Seattle–Tacoma International Airport is the primary hub for Alaska Airlines. The Airline is also a member of Oneworld Alliance which is one of the three largest airline alliances. Alaska Airlines operates scheduled flights to over 100 destinations covering a large domestic route from Pacific Northwest to Alaska and international destinations within the contiguous United States, Costa Rica, Belize, Canada, Hawaii, and Mexico. 

As a certified 3-Star Airline, Alaska Airlines assures quality service including onboard wifi, food & beverages, amenities, etc. Alaska Airlines offers high-speed satellite-based inflight wifi on most of its jet fleet at a nominal price as well as free texting service.

A Glance at Alaska Airlines:

Name Alaska Airlines
Parent CompanyAlaska Air Group
AllianceOneworld  Alliance
HeadquartersSeaTac, Washington
HubSeattle–Tacoma International Airport
Focus citiesSan DiegoSan Jose 
Inflight Wi-FiYes (Paid & Free Texting)
Inflight WiFI providerGogo
Passenger Destinations117
Operating Aircraft329
Social MediaFacebook

Alaska Airline Inflight WiFi Service:

Whether you want to get some business done while being in the air or just to binge-watch your favourite Netflix show to pass the boring air time, inflight wifi is becoming a necessity in this era. Alaska Airlines has responded to the popular demand and now 80 per cent of its fleet is equipped with inflight wifi service. Alaska Airlines offers satellite-based high-speed internet service as well as basic wifi service at a flat rate of 8 USD. Free texting service is also included in all the wifi-equipped  Alaska Airlines aircraft.

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Streaming supported inflight wifi service:

Alaska Airlines provides satellite-based Wi-Fi in all its Airbus aircraft. Satellite-based wifi is 20 times faster (500 Mbps) than normal wifi. Passengers will be able to stream Netflix, amazon prime, etc alongside browsing, uploading on social media, and emailing at a price of only 8 USD. The wifi will be available during the whole flight time. 

Basic inflight wifi service of Alaska Airlines:

E175 and select 737 aircraft of Alaska Airlines are equipped with basic internet service. Passengers can use social media, check emails, and do normal browsing using basic internet connectivity. The basic internet service of Alaska Airlines does not support heavy browsing such as online streaming, sending emails with large attachments, etc. The price for basic internet service is $8 on the E175 aircraft. Inflight wifi service price varies by flight on 737 aircraft of Alaska Airlines. 

Free texting service using Alaska Airlines inflight WiFi:

Alongside paid internet service Alaska Airlines offers free texting service on all of their wifi-equipped flights. Passengers do not have to sign up or pay to use the free online texting service while flying with Alaska Airlines. All they have to do is connect to the “Alaska_WiFi” network and choose the free texting option on the AlaskaWiFi.com website. Once the connection is established, passengers can use iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger completely free during the whole flight time. But texting with emojis, photos, and videos is not supported. 

Alaska Airlines Internet Plans & Price Onboard

PackagesPriceTime DurationService Available 
Free TextingFreeWhole Flight timeAll wifi-equipped flights
Basic $8 (E175)
*varies by flight on 737 aircraft
Whole Flight timeE175 and 737 aircraft
Streaming $8Whole Flight timeAll Airbus aircraft 

How to connect to Alaska Airlines Inflight WiFI?

80 per cent fleet of Alaska Airlines is equipped with inflight wifi connectivity. Passengers can send free text, browse, and even stream using the inflight wifi of Alaska Airlines. Simply follow the steps to connect to the Alaska Airlines inflight wifi:

  • Turn on wifi on the device that you want to connect. 
  • Search for the SSID “Alaska_WiFi” or “gogoinflight” network.
  • Connect to the available network 
  • Go to the website AlaskaWiFi.com
  • You will see three options: Free Texting, Entertainment, or the Internet.
  • Choose your preferable service. If you want to use the paid internet option then proceed with the payment method. 
  • Free Texting and Entertainment are completely free.
  • Enjoy your flight!
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Alaska Airlines Inflight Entertainment:

Alaska Airlines have an extensive collection of movies and content on its inflight entertainment system. Passengers can watch more than 800 free movies and tv shows on the entertainment library of Alaska Airlines website from their own devices. Simply they have to connect to the “Alaska_WiFi” network and choose the entertainment option on the AlaskaWiFi.com website. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Alaska Airline have free wifi inflight wifi?

Passengers can send free texts on iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger without emojis, photos, and videos using the inflight wifi of Alaska Airlines.

Can I stream Netflix using Alaska Airlines inflight wifi?

All the Airbus aircraft of Alaska Airlines have satellite-based inflight wifi with almost 500 Mbps speed. If you are flying on one of those flights, you can stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, and such platforms. 

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