Does Omni Airlines Have WiFi

Does Omni Air International Have WiFi? Answered and Explained

Omni Air International is an American chartered airline headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dan Orcutt is the president of Omni Air International. 

Travelers often search and ask that Does Omni Air International has WiFi? The answer is Omni Air does not have inflight WiFi but it has inflight entertainment facilities. Are you confused about inflight wifi and entertainment?

Inflight WiFi connects you to the internet. You can browse the internet, use social media, and stream youtube and NetFlix by using inflight wifi. On the other hand, inflight entertainment is a kind of entertainment you can have onboard to pass your time. That includes music, games, movies, TV series, etc on the screen in front of you onboard. 

Does Omni Air International Have WiFi?

We have already mentioned that Omni Air does not install or added internet onboard yet. But it has the plan to add it in the coming days. 

Boeing 767ER NoYes
Boeing 777ERNoYes

Omni Air Inflight Entertainment

Like all other major airlines, Omni Air International has inflight entertainment facilities. You can enjoy downloaded movies, TV shows, Music Tracks, Games, etc onboard which will entertain you. As Omni air is a chartered airline, so you can order custom food menus, and drinks, and have magazines and all. You can travel like a celeb on Omni air international. 

IFE Services is an inflight entertainment service provider. Omni Air inflight entertainment is served by IFE Services. 

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How To Connect To Omni Air WiFi?

Unfortunately, you can not connect wifi on Omni Air international flights. What can you do as an alternative?

You can download music tracks, games, or your favorite movies or TV series on your mobile phone. Do not forget to bring headphones to enjoy that. 

Future Plans of Omni Air:

Omni Air has future plan to add inflight wifi. But the wifi technology is costly that’s why it is not installing it. But the CTO of Omni air recently said to the media that they are working on it

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