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Is There Any WiFi in Omaha Airport? | OMA Airport FREE WiFi

Whenever you are going through the Omaha Airport or any other, you definitely look for a WiFi connection to connect. No need to worry, if you are traveling from Omaha Airport, you can get access to Omaha Airport WiFi too.

Omaha Airport features WiFi for travelers. You will get WiFi in different locations. 

Availability and WiFi Price at Omaha Airport

You can get free access to WiFi if you search for the right one. At Eppley Airfield, you can get unlimited free WiFi from Boingo Wireless. 

They provide not only free WiFi to only Omaha Airport but also to many other airports too. To connect, just select “Omaha Free WiFi” from available networks. For any queries, you can always ask for Boingo customer care.

Also, there are some other internet providers too who provide premium lag-free WiFi. But they are costly and can charge you around a few dollars or so.

Access Points of Omaha Airport WiFi

In order to get access to Omaha Airport WiFi, you need to learn about the access points. There are many access points throughout the whole Omaha Airport. 

The following are the access points for the Omaha Airport WiFi: 

  • Airport Terminal 
  • Airport Parking Lot 
  • Airport Hotel 
  • Airport Shuttle 
  • Airport Rental Car Facility 
  • Off-Site Parking Facility 
  • Omaha Eppley Airfield
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How You Can Connect Omaha Airport WiFi

How to Connect Omaha Airport WiFi
How to Connect Omaha Airport WiFi

In order to connect to Omaha Airport WiFi, you need to follow some procedures. For different devices, the procedures can be different too. Here are the procedures of how you can connect to Omaha Airport WiFi via laptop and mobile phones/Tablets.

For Laptop Users

  • Select the “Omaha Airport” network from your list of available networks.
  • Enter the password when prompted.
  • Get into the network.

For Mobile/Tablet Users

  • Download the free “Omaha Airport” app.
  • After installation, open it and enter your credentials.
  • Enter your SSID and password.
  • Connect to the network.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Devices are Accessible to Connect Omaha Airport WiFi?

The number of devices that can access the Omaha Airport WiFi connection will depend on the type of device and its capabilities. 

Some devices, such as laptops and smartphones, can connect to the WiFi network with no problem. 
However, other devices, such as tablets and e-readers, may have difficulty connecting or may be unable to connect at all

Is WiFi Available in Terminals of Eppley Airfield in Omaha Airport?

Yes, WiFi is available in the terminals of Eppley Airfield in Omaha Airport. Complimentary WiFi is available throughout the airport, and there are also a number of paid hotspots located in strategic areas.

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