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A Guide To Elmira Airport WiFi & Internet | ELM WIFI

You can not imagine how irritating it is to be stranded at the airport without anything to do. 

However, you need not worry since Elmira Airport provides free Wi-Fi to its passengers. All passengers may connect to the internet for free at Elmira Airport’s wifi hotspots anywhere in the airport. 

While waiting for your flight, you may now make use of this time to do some online work.

How To Connect To Elmira Airport WiFi?

Elmira Airport understands the importance of being connected while traveling and hence provides complimentary WiFi to all passengers. This is why every corner of the airport is equipped with WiFi.

In case you were wondering, yes, there is no charge for using the airport’s internet in Elmira.

Flyers may connect to the internet for free at the airport’s wifi hotspots. To connect to the WiFi at Elmira Airport follow the below steps-

  • Activate your gadget’s settings menu.
  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Select the Elmira Airport network and log in.
  • When asked, type in “flyfree” as the password.
  • When you have successfully connected, you can do things like look at your email and browse the web.
How to Connect to Elmira Airport WiFi

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Elmira Airport, NY Have 5G?

AT&T and Verizon turned on their super-fast 5G networks for the general public of Elmira Airport.

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