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An Ultimate Guide To Syracuse Airport WiFi Access | SYR FREE WIFI

Syracuse Hancock International Airport is a joint civil-military airport located in Syracuse, New York, United States. Syracuse Hancock International Airport includes two Terminals- A and B. 

The terminals house boarding gates 1–27, five flight information centers, and various traveler services and facilities.

All incoming travelers and visitors to Syracuse Hancock International Airport have access to free Wi-Fi in all terminals and public areas.

Does Syracuse Hancock International Airport Have Free WiFi?

In each of its terminals, Syracuse Hancock International provides free WiFi. Syracuse Hancock International Airport themselves are in charge of providing internet access.

On the other hand, there isn’t a premium paid version of WiFi available at the Syracuse Hancock International Airport. 

The complimentary WiFi is unrestricted. The passenger experience can be improved even further by connecting an infinite number of devices to the internet.

Access Points

Wireless internet access is available for free throughout Syracuse Hancock International Airport. This service can be accessed from anywhere inside the airport, including-

  • The main terminal. 
  • Concourses A.
  • Concourse B. 
  • Areas right outside security. 
  • The baggage claim area.

How To Connect to Syracuse Hancock Airport WiFi?

Connect to WiFi To SYR WIFI
Connect to WiFi To SYR WIFI

To connect to and use the free WiFi at Syracuse Hancock International Airport, just adhere to the steps below:

  • Find Wi-Fi in your device’s settings and turn it on.
  • View available wireless networks and join the “SyracuseAirport_Public” wifi network using its SSID.
  • Accept the agreement’s terms.
  • After that, the free internet network will be accessible to you.
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Help Line

If you need additional help while using the complimentary Wi-Fi service, you can contact the help desk. Call 0 from a white courtesy phone in the terminal areas or 1-866-536-7676 from any phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WiFi service at Syracuse Hancock International Airport?

Yes, free WiFi access is available for visitors at Syracuse Hancock International Airport.

Is there any limit to the free WiFi service at Syracuse Hancock International Airport?

No, the WiFi service is unlimited and can be used indefinitely.

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