Boise Airport Free WiFi

A Guide To Boise Airport Free WiFi

Who does not want to have a WiFi connection when sitting idle in the airport? If you are in Boise Airport WiFi, then you are in luck. 

Boise Airport WiFi provides a stable internet connection. There are several access points where you can enjoy WiFi easily without any trouble. Also, you can access free WiFi, and for premium usage, they can charge a minimal amount of money.

Access Points of Boise Airport WiFi

There are several places where you can get access to Boise airport WiFi easily. Normally, you can get access to free WiFi internet throughout the airport. But it may not be stable everywhere.

Here are all the access points where you can find a strong and stable internet connection-

  • Terminal Lobby
  • Business Center
  • Concourse Restaurants
  • Gate Areas
  • Food Courts

How to Connect Boise Airport WiFi to Your Device?

How to Connect Boise Airport WiFi
How to Connect Boise Airport WiFi

Connecting to the WiFi of Boise airport is not that hard. To connect to Boise Airport WiFi, you need to follow some basic steps. Here are the procedures-

  • Open up your device to connect.
  • Make sure your device network is open.
  • After the checkup, a new page will pop up automatically called “The University of Idaho”.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Connect to the Internet.
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Note: Boise Airport WiFi is totally free of cost, and it does not require any SSID or password to log in.

WiFi Cost Boise Airport

If you’re flying into Boise Airport, you may be wondering about the cost of WiFi. Although the airport offers free WiFi, the speeds can be slow and unreliable. For a faster and more reliable connection, you can purchase a day pass for $4.95.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Boise Airport Provide Other Facilities Excluding WiFi?

Boise Airport provides a variety of other facilities in addition to WiFi. These include a variety of food and drink options, as well as a selection of shops. 
There are also a number of ATMs located around the airport, as well as a currency exchange.

How Many Devices are Allowed to Connect with Free High-Speed Boise Airport WiFi?

According to the Boise Airport website, up to four devices can connect to the free high-speed WiFi. 
However, it is worth noting that some devices, such as gaming consoles and smart TVs, may not be compatible with the airport’s WiFi network.

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