Ontario International Airport Wifi

Ontario Airport WiFi | WiFi Price, Access Points, and More

Ontario International Airport is an important transportation hub located in California, United States. It includes three terminals, Terminal 2, Terminal 4, and International Terminal.

Ontario International Airport provides free WiFi which is limitless. The WiFi provider is Ontario International Airport itself. You can connect to the free WiFi and enjoy free internet for up to 4 hours on unlimited devices.

Figure 1- Ontario International Airport WiFi

Does Ontario Airport Have Free WiFi?

Ontario International Airport does have free WiFi internet access. The provider of the internet is Ontario International Airport themselves. 

There is no limit to devices that can be connected to the free internet, but this facility is only available for four hours. 

They do not provide any paid method of premium WiFi internet, so Cellular data may come in handy if you need more than four hours.

Access Points

Figure 2- WiFi Access Points

Ontario International Airport has WiFi access in all the terminals. A more detailed list of WiFi access points in Ontario International Airport is given below-

  • Terminal 2 (T2)
  • Terminal 4 (T4)
  • Ticketing area
  • Baggage claim
  • Gate area
  • Food places
  • The ground of the transportation center 

How To Connect to Ontario Airport WiFi?

Ontario International Airport provides free WiFi access all over the airport for four hours. You can easily connect to the WiFi hotspot and use their free internet.

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To connect to Ontario Airport WiFi, follow the steps listed below-

  • Go to device settings and open the WiFi
  • Look for the WiFi hotspot listed as “ONT-WiFi”.
  • Connect to that WiFi hotspot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the WiFi service provider at Ontario International Airport?

The name of the WiFi service provider is Ontario International Airport (ONT). They provide internet access free of cost.

How many devices can you connect at once?

There is no limit to the device number. But there is a limit on time usage. You can use the highest 4 hours of Ontario Airport WiFi. 

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