does allegiant air have wifi

Does Allegiant Air Have WiFi? Answered

Although Allegiant Air is one of the prominent airlines of the United States, Unfortunately, it does not provide any inflight wifi, even though it does not provide any kind of inflight entertainment such as pre-downloaded movies, TV shows, Games, Music, etc.

Does Allegiant Air Have WiFi?

Inflight wifi is the latest technology that most airlines are installing for the convenience of travelers. 

Although American airlines like delta air lines, United Airlines or southwest airlines have inflight wifi, it is a matter of regret that Allegiant Air does not install wifi and inflight entertainment facilities in their aircraft.

Does Allegiant Air have Inflight Entertainment?

Many airlines do not have inflight wifi but they have inflight entertainment. In this very case, Allegiant Air does not have any inflight entertainment in any of its aircraft. 

Aircraft and WiFi Facility on Allegiant Air

Allegiant Air has 128 fleets in service as of November 2022. If we look at the table about specific aircraft, does it have wifi?

Airbus A319-100No
Airbus A320-200No
Boeing 737 MAX 7No
Boeing 737 MAX 200No

Does Allegiant Air Have Plan to add WiFi?

Day by day, the facilities and customer service are tremendously improving at Allegiant Air. In a recent talk in las vegas, the CEO of Allegiant Air Scott DeAngelo said something interesting. He said,

We’re looking at provisioning it potentially on the Boeing [737 MAX planes].”

Quoted in Las Vegas by Scott DeAngelo

Alternative Of Allegiant Air WiFi

If you are flying with Allegiant Air, there is no way to connect to inflight wifi but have alternatives. What are they?

  • You can download movies, games, or music prior to the flight to have a good time on the flight
  • You can read magazines or books you carry on your handbag
  • The time you will have on the flight, you can notify and do things before the flight to avoid unwanted things on the flight
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What if I must use social media inflight?

There is no way. As far, as no aircraft support inflight wifi.

Why Allegiant air is not adding WiFi to its Aircraft?

Allegiant Air is a low-cost airline. The Inflight wifi technology is expensive, so the investment will not be profitable. That’s why Allegiant is not adding wifi.

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