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Doha Airport Sleeping Pods Guide [+Alternatives]

Are you restlessly searching the internet to learn about Doha Airport sleeping pods? If yes, stop searching, and you have landed the right article. In this detailed guide, you will get to learn all the information you are looking for. So let’s start exploring!

Doha Hamad International Airport has a Sleep ‘n Fly Sleep Lounge. Conveniently it is located in the Duty-Free Plaza South & North at the Transit Area at the heart of Doha airport. The sleep lounge features FlexiSuite Sleep Pods, YAWN Double & Bunk Cabins, and Power Nap & Economy Pods.

The sleep lounges offer free Wi-Fi and 24-hour front desk service. To make the Sleep ‘n Fly sleeping pod’s reservation, email [email protected] or call +974 6657 4925.

Keep reading to learn more about the Doha airport sleeping pods!

Does Doha Airport Have Sleeping Pods?

Yes! The Hamad International Airport in Doha has an innovative Sleep Lounge concept at its heart. Sleep ‘n Fly sleep lounge is just a stone’s throw away from the airport’s iconic teddy bear sculpture.

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Hamad International Airport, Sleep ‘n Fly features a mix of state-of-the-art sleeping pods for travelers. For single travelers, it offers the FlexiSuite Pods.

Also, for double or single use, it provides the popular YAWN Double Cabins. In addition, if you are traveling with a partner but seeking extra privacy, the YAWN Bunk Cabins is for you.

At Doha airport, the Sleep ‘n Fly in the duty-free and transit area represents an oasis of relaxation. Its total capacity is 107 guests.

Features & Location Of Sleep ‘n Fly Sleep Lounge At Doha Airport

The noteworthy features of Sleep ‘n Fly Sleep Lounge are:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Non-smoking rooms

Check out the Doha Hamad International Airport’s sleeping pod locations below:

Location Accommodation Options 
Duty Free Plaza South, close to the Teddy Bear at Transit Area FlexiSuite Pods, YAWN Double & Bunk Cabins
Duty-Free Plaza North, opposite gates C30 & C31 at Transit AreaFlexiSuite Pods, Power Nap & Economy Pods, YAWN Bunk & Family Bunk Cabins

Sleep ‘n Fly Sleep Lounges Contact Details

To enjoy the Doha International Airport’s sleeping pods facility, contact the authority using the information below:

How To Book Sleep ‘n Fly Sleep Lounges At Doha International Airport?

To make reservations at any lounges, email [email protected]. Contact us through this email address for all your questions about new or existing reservations, rates, etc.

If you already hold a reservation, then for easier reference, quote your booking number.

Where To Sleep In the Doha International Airport Except Sleep ‘n Fly?

If you don’t want to spend some extra money by taking service from the sleeping lounge, don’t worry. Still, you can spend your ideal time before a flight within the airport area. You will find plenty of seating options within the airport area to rest or take a short nap.

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However, the travelers have reported the following good spots at Doha International Airport:

  • In Concourses A, B & C’s Quiet Rooms offer lounge chairs
  • Family and TV areas have a few couches, which are located in Concourses A, B & C
  • Level 0 in Concourse C has some chairs and carpeted floor where you can sleep

What Are The Problems Of Sleeping In Doha Airport?

The public area in Doha airport is not ideal for comfortable sleep. Sleeping within the airport’s chairs and couches has some problems, including the following:

  • The airport area’s temperature becomes very cold at night. So to sleep at the airport, arrive prepared with a sleeping bag or blanket.
  • At all hours (day and night), the airport area remains busy with travelers. Therefore come prepared with noise-canceling headphones or earplugs.
  • Bright light inside the airport stays on around the clock. Bring an eye mask to cover your eyes while sleeping.

Doha International Airport’s Nearby Hotels

Don’t get disheartened if you fail to make a reservation in the Sleep ‘n Fly sleep lounge at Doha international airport. Still, you can enjoy a sound sleep or privacy by visiting the airport’s nearby hotels. Check out the hotel list below:

Hotel NameFeaturesRatings
Oryx Airport Hotel – Transit Only Free Wi-Fi
Lap pool 
Shower facility 
Excellent (8.6)
Banana Island Resort Doha By Anantara From Doha 20-minute luxury free ride
Lagoon pool800-yard private beach 
Very Good (8.5)
Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha Free Wi-Fi Outdoor pool & spa
Best room service 
Excellent (8.6)
VIP Hotel Doha Qatar Free Wi-FiFree private parking
Outdoor swimming pool
Good (7.6)
Strato Hotel By Warwick Free Wi – Fi24-hour front desk serviceVery Good (8)


Can I sleep overnight at Doha airport?

You can sleep overnight in Doha airport as several seating chairs, and couches are available. Walk into the airport are any of the quiet rooms to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

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How do I get a free lounge at Doha airport?

If you are a Business/First/Elite Status flyer, you may get free access to the lounge at Doha airport.

How much is the sleeping pod at Doha airport?

Doha airport’s FlexiSuite sleeping pod costs $145; YAWN Bunk Cabin costs $231 & YAWN Double Cabin costs $239. However, the costs are subject to vary based on different factors.

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