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Does Boston Airport Have Sleep Pods? [+Alternatives]

I missed a flight at Boston Airport but feel renting a hotel room for 24 hours isn’t worth it. So, I started looking for the Boston airport sleep pods, rest areas, or energy pods where I could rest and kill some time.

But, Alas, I become disappointed to see that Boston Airport doesn’t have any sleeping pods or designated areas to rest. I know, like mine, thousands of travelers will feel disappointed by seeing it. But don’t worry, Terminals A, C, & E have several benches where you can sit, stay or sleep for a few hours.

The problem is Boston Airport’s Security and Pre-Security area isn’t sleep conducive. There is noise, bright light, and cold weather. All these won’t permit you to take a sound sleep. So the easiest solution is to stay in the nearby hotel if you have enough budget and your flight delay is for long hours.

However, without wasting much time now let’s dive into today’s main discussion:

Does Boston Airport Have Sleep Pods?

Unfortunately, No! Boston Airport has no designated sleeping pods, restrooms, or sleeping spots. But within the airport terminals, there are several benches and tile floors where you can sleep. Maybe sleeping in this public area in Boston airport isn’t worth enough.

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Can You Sleep At Boston Airport?

Yes, You Can!

Sleep or energy pods are unavailable at Boston Airport. Still, you can sleep at this airport, so don’t worry. Technically 24 hours, Boston Airport remains open. But at night, each terminal’s Security Checkpoints become closed.

So if you are required to stay at night at Boston Airport, you must stay or sleep in the airport’s Pre-Security or public area. The most disappointing thing is the pre-Security area has limited seating, tiled floors, and cold temp.

In a word, this pre-Security public area isn’t sleeping conducive. The existing seating areas are equipped with armrests. So you can end up sleeping on the floor.

Where Can You Sleep In Boston Airport?

As we already described, you could sleep on the pre-Security area floor at night as the Security areas remain closed. There are some more options to sleep in Boston airport that travelers have reported:

SpotsSleeping Arrangement
Terminal A, Floor 3Floor 3 at Terminal A has a tile floor where you can sleep. For the cushion, bring an extra layer to sleep.
Terminal CA few benches in the baggage claim area in Terminal C are available without armrests.
Terminal ENear the 9/11 banners at Terminal E, there are a couple of armrest-free benches.
Rest Zones The Boston Airport terminals have some casual rest zones with special rocking chairs.

Limitation Of Sleeping In Boston Airport

Within the Boston airport area, there are several places to sleep. But believe us, at none of the places you will enjoy sound sleeping. The main problem of sleeping in Boston Airport’s Security and Pre-Security areas are:

  • Throughout the night pre-Security area most part remains brightly lit.
  • Through the evening, fairly frequently and continuously, the airport announcements run. So noise is a big issue.
  • The early morning cleaning crew creates noise.
  • The weather is cold at night. So if you sleep on the floor, it can cause you pneumonia.
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If you are bound to sleep within the airport areas, to combat the above problems do the following:

  • Come prepared with something like eyeshades, towel, etc., that will cover your eyes
  • Have noise-canceling headphones or earplugs with you. Or you can have a white noise app on your smartphone.
  • Come prepared with an extra layer of cloth to combat the cold weather.

My Experience Of Flight Missing At Boston Airport and Sleep

I was supposed to go to Hong Kong on flight CX811 at Cathay Pacific Airlines from Boston Airport at 1:45 PM. But unfortunately, I was late, and I missed my flight. And there was a long time between the next flights.

So obviously, I was looking for a place at Boston airport to sleep. Guess what? I become disheartened by seeing that it has no sleeping pod. But there are chairs in the airport where you can take a rest.

Seeing the available chairs and floor as sleeping options, I became disappointed. And I decided to check in a nearby hotel as sleeping in the airport wouldn’t have been that great.

So I searched for a nearby hotel and checked in at the Hilton Boston Logan Airport Hotel. It is located at the airport property.

Other Options To Sleep In Boston Airport – Nearby Hotels

If you want some privacy and comfort, then believe us sleeping within the Boston airport area isn’t a good option for you. You can stay at the airport’s nearby hotel to enjoy a sound and solid sleep.

We strongly recommend staying in a hotel close to the airport if you have 5 or more hours before a flight and budget isn’t an issue. Now let’s check out which hotels you can stay at in the Boston Airport area:

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Hotel Name Features Per Night CostRatings 
Hilton Boston Logan AirportWi-Fi in all areasFree airport shuttleIndoor swimming pool$203.158.1 (Very Good)
Embassy Suites Boston at Logan AirportFree airport shuttle
Wi-Fi in all areas
Non-smoking rooms
$210.688.3 (Very Good)
Hyatt Regency Boston HarborFree Wi-Fi
Air-conditioning & non-smoking room
24-hour front desk
$208.848.5 (Very Good)
Global Luxury Suites East Boston Free Wi-Fi
swimming pool
$2587.4 (Good)
Courtyard By Marriott Boston Logan Airport Free Wi-FiBar / Fitness center
Free airport shuttle
$1797.9 (Good)


Is there somewhere to sleep at Boston Airport?

The Boston Logan International Airport has several convenient nearby places and hotels where you can stay. Also, you can rest or take a short nap within the airport area during the day.

Does Boston Logan Airport have lounges?

3 Priority Pass lounges and two restaurants are available at Boston Logan International Airport. One restaurant and lounge are in Terminal C, and one restaurant is in Terminal B. And the other two lounges are situated in Terminal E.

Where can I stay overnight at Boston Airport?

At Boston Airport, you can stay overnight in its pre-security or public areas. But the best option is to stay in the airport’s nearby hotels like Hilton Boston Logan Airport, Embassy Suites Boston at Logan Airport, etc.

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