Phoenix Airport Sleep Pods

Does Phoenix Airport Have Sleep Pods? Alternatives To Sleep Pods

Flying to a new destination is definitely exciting. But it becomes exhausting and downright tiring if you have to wait long before a flight. Waiting in the airport’s terminal area is more painful. If your flight gets canceled, becomes delayed, or you have a connecting flight, you can feel the same tiring feeling in Phoenix airport.

Unfortunately, there is no availability of phoenix airport sleep pods. This airport doesn’t have any designated sleep rooms or rest zones. So if you have a long time before your flight, you have to wait in the airport’s Terminals chair or couches. Or you can access the airport’s lounges also.

However, we recommend booking a nearby hotel to the Phoenix airport to enjoy an exhaust-free time. It would be better if you have sufficient budget and time before flying.

Now sharply, read this article to learn more about sleeping in Phoenix airport. Let’s get started!

Does Phoenix Airport Have Sleep Pods?

Unfortunately, Not! There are a few lounges in the Phoenix airport. But none of these lounges has designated rest zones, sleep pods, or sleep rooms. However, having no sleep pods does not necessarily mean that if you miss a flight or your flight gets canceled or delayed, you can’t rest within the airport.

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Phoenix Airport doesn’t have a sleeping pod, but its Terminal has several comfortable, relaxing seats. You can access this airport’s lounges, sit on a bench and rest for some time. You can take a short nap but don’t expect a sound sleep.

Where Can You Sleep In Phoenix Airport?

Terminal 4 in Phoenix Airport has a decent seating arrangement with sufficient amenities. However, in its recent renovations, the airport has eliminated most of the armrest-free seating chairs. It can be a point of disappointment for the travelers.

So if you want to sleep in this airport, either opt for the floor or contort yourself in the comfortable chair position. Nonetheless, travelers who frequently travel through the Phoenix airport have reported several seating options. Those are:

  • During the daytime, you can try to sleep in the airport’s cafes and restaurant chairs. But these become closed for the night, so this option isn’t good for sleep at night.
  • There are a few cushioned benches at Gates A1-14 in the Four Peaks Brewery in T4.
  • Near the D Gates in Terminal 4, you can get some armrest-free seating options where you can take rests.
  • In Terminal 3’s Pre-Security area, there are few couches. Head upstairs in Terminal 3 to the Starbucks to grab one of a few couches.

What Are the Problems Of Sleeping In Phoenix Airport?

There are no designated sleep pods or rest zones within the airport. So, it’s obvious that you have to sleep within the airport’s terminals. Gates and Pre-Security terminals are public areas where you can’t dream of enjoying uninterrupted sleep.

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During sleeping in the airport’s open place, you can experience the following problems:

  • Usually, at night, the airport temperature cools down as fewer people remain inside, and the AC runs continuously.
  • The Terminal’s brightness level can interrupt your sleep.
  • After sleeping a few times on the bench, if you want to freshen up, unfortunately, no shower options are available.
  • During the day, you will surely encounter the airport activity’s normal hum.
  • Frequent announcements on the airport’s loudspeakers and chatter from travelers and other workers won’t let you sleep well. Moreover, music and TV playing at the gates will disturb your rest time.

To deal with all these issues, take preparations in advance.

How I Spend My Night At Phoenix Airport?

I had a connecting flight at Phoenix Airport with a long time distance between two flights. So I planned to sleep in the Phoenix airport arena to catch an early flight the next morning. Obviously, I need a place to sleep to spend the night. So I asked security about the sleeping pods and searched on the internet as well.

But unfortunately, the result disappointed me. So, I learned that this airport has no sleeping pods or designated rest zone. As my next move, I asked PHX security if they would allow me to enter post-security areas before my flight. They didn’t disappoint me.

They confirmed that I could enter the post-security area for my connecting flight to sleep or rest. But in the case of non-connecting flights, the security doesn’t allow you to enter the post-security areas long before your flight time.

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So, I grab a chair in the post-security areas and nap for a few hours. But I miss my sound sleep. Still, the night is over!

Nearby Hotels Of Phoenix Airport

Instead of experiencing several problems while sleeping in the airport area, you better consider staying at the airport’s nearby hotel. If you have enough budget and time, we recommend you focus on your comfort and privacy.

The good news is that you will get all the facilities in a hotel room and can enjoy uninterrupted sleep. Don’t worry about thinking if you check in at a hotel, you can miss the flight due to the distance. There is no chance at all.

Several hotels near the Phoenix Airport are available. Maximum hotels offer free shuttle service to the airport. So stop wasting time and start finding Phoenix Airport’s nearby hotel deals:

Hotel Name Features Per Night Cost Ratings
SureStay Hotel By Best Western Phoenix AirportFree Wi-Fi
Non-Smoking Rooms
Swimming Pool
$79Good (7.1)
Holiday Inn Express Phoenix – Airport, An IHG Hotel Free Shuttle service
Free parking
Baggage storage
$125.10 Very Good (8)
Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix Airport North Free Wi-Fi
22-hour Front Desk service
Free Parking
$111.20Very Good (8.2)
Motel 6 – Phoenix, AZ – Airport – 24th Street Free Shuttle service
Free Parking
Baggage storage
$95.99 Review Score (6.1) 


Does Phoenix Airport Have Sleeping Pods?

Unfortunately, the Phoenix airport has no sleeping pods or energy pods. None of the lounges offer restroom facilities for travelers to take a nap.

Can You Spend the Night At Phoenix Airport?

Yes! You can spend your night at Phoenix airport. In Terminal 3, some flat “Sofas” and “Couches” are available where you can sleep. Or you can sleep on the terminal’s floor.

Are There Showers At Phoenix Airport?

No, the Phoenix airport’s lounges don’t offer shower facilities.

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