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Do Vancouver Airport Sleeping Pods Available? – Alternatives To Sleeping Pods

When a flight gets delayed or canceled, you have no option but to wait for your next flight. But the sad truth is within the airport area, time seems to move slowly. A few days ago at the Vancouver airport, I experienced this truth.

My flight was in the morning, and I arrived at the airport the previous night. So instead of staying in airport hotels at night, I was looking for sleeping pods in the airport area. But unfortunately, Vancouver airport sleeping pods weren’t available. I get a little disheartened.

However, I was on a budget, so I didn’t go with the airport’s nearby hotel options. I get sleep-friendly seating options and padded couches in the International Terminal area. So I spend my night within the terminal area.

You can check in at the airport’s nearby hotel if the budget doesn’t matter. Also, you can stay within the airport areas as several seating options are available.

Anyway, we will disclose more information about sleeping at Vancouver airport. Thus keep reading continuously till the end!

Does Vancouver Airport Have Sleeping Pods?

No, unfortunately, Vancouver Airport doesn’t have any designated sleeping pods or restrooms. But don’t get disheartened thinking about where you will take a rest before starting a long flight. The Plaza Premium Lounge in Vancouver Airport offers travelers nap rooms and hot shower facilities.

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Moreover, before catching an overseas flight, you can take a short nap within the airport’s area if you have a long time in hand. As per the traveler’s reports, Vancouver airport has several armrest-free seats where you can rest.

Where To Sleep Within Vancouver Airport?

There are several areas to sleep within Vancouver Airport. So don’t worry if your flight is delayed or canceled. 24-hour Vancouver airport remains open, but its Domestic Terminal may close at night. Even if the domestic terminal becomes closed, you can comfortably stay in the airport’s international terminal area.

Vancouver Airport’s International Terminal is quite a comfortable place to stay. There are plenty of seats with footstools, armrest-free airport seats, and cushioned block furniture. Also, several comfy spots are available to sit and rest at the airport’s Pre-Security area.

Moreover, if you prefer flooring or sleeping on the floor, you can do that and can stretch yourself out on the floor. Vancouver Airport’s domestic and international terminal base is well-carpeted. However, travelers have reported the following good sleeping spots at Vancouver Airport:

Location Seating Arrangements 
C Gate Security Checkpoints Head to the mezzanine level, and on the carpeted floor, you can sleep.
Pre Security Area Near the WestJet and American Airlines check-in areas, you will find some benches where you can sleep or rest.
Pre Security Area Armrest free benches are available at the Pre-Security’s Baggage Claim area.
International Departures Terminal International Departures terminal’s several areas have lounge-style seats, sleep-friendly seating, and cushioned block-style seating.
International Gates Here you will find padded couches and seats with foot-stools.

The overnight campers and daytime Nappers will get comfortable seating at Vancouver Airport. A lot of armrest-free seating chairs are available in Airside. You can stretch out these armrest-free seating, and the floor is carpeted. So you can rest or sleep in a comfortable place within the airport area.

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What Problems Can You Face For Sleeping In Vancouver Airport?

As we already told you, Vancouver Airport has no sleeping pods or designated rest zones. So it’s evident that you will face issues while sleeping in the airport’s public area.

However, the travelers have reported the following troubles they have experienced while sleeping in the airport.

  • At night the airport’s inside area gets chilly. Therefore if you want to spend the night at the airport, we recommend you arrive prepared with a sleeping bag or blanket. Sometimes the terminal gets even colder. In this case, a hoodie can be your lifesaver.
  • Overnight, Vancouver Airport’s lights are left on. So if you can’t sleep in the light, it’s better to come with eyeshades or something else. You can also use your shirt or towel to cover your eyes.
  • During the daytime and nighttime activity, travelers experienced noise. However, at night, the noise becomes less. So you must take noise-canceling earplugs or headphones to sleep at the airport.

Vancouver Airport’s Nearby Hotels

Travelers can easily spend their night at the Vancouver airport’s spacious place. But if the airport things don’t work for you and you have enough budget, you can check in at the nearby airport hotel.

The hotels offer much more facilities compared to the airport’s public area. Therefore the following hotels nearby the Vancouver airport can be your choice for staying and sleeping:

Hotel Name Features Rating Per Night Cost 
Fairmont Gold at Fairmont Vancouver Airport Air conditioning
Non-smoking rooms
24-hour front desk service 
9.2 (Wonderful)$430 
Royalty B & B Free Wi-Fi
Free parking
Non-smoking rooms 
7.4 (Good)$161 
Fairmont Vancouver Airport In-Terminal Hotel Free Wi-Fi
24-hour front desk
Baggage storage 
8.9 (Excellent)$322
Nice Home Away At Vancouver Near YVR  Free Wi-Fi
Non-smoking room 
9.7 (Exceptional)$114 
Fraser River Richmond Bed & Breakfast Free Wi-Fi
Free Parking
Non-smoking rooms 
8.3 (Very Good)$239 


Can we sleep at Vancouver airport?

Of course! You can sleep in Vancouver airport first-class Premium lounges regardless of ticket or airline class. Also, you can sleep within the airport area where comfy seats and armrest fee chairs are available.

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Can I leave Vancouver airport during a layover?

Yes! During a layover, if you want, you can leave YVR (Vancouver Airport). To leave the airport, you have to pass through customs control and immigration. In addition, depending on your nationality, you may require a TRV (Temporary Resident Visa).

How do I stay overnight at Vancouver Airport?

If you want to spend the night at Vancouver Airport, you can check in at the airport’s nearby hotel. For example, you can stay inside the international terminal’s Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel. Or you can also stay in the airport’s Security and Pre-security areas.

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