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Does LAX Have Sleep Pods? | A Guide to Sleeping in LAX

Are you tired of searching on the internet or asking on the forum about LAX Sleep Pods? If so, the search may not yield a satisfactory result. Los Angeles Airport has no sleeping pods, terminals, or designated rest areas.

It’s bad news for those who face a flight cancellation or delay for a long time. Where will they take rest or sleep? Maybe you get frightened by seeing the information that LAX airport has no special sleeping arrangements. Well, don’t get frightened!

Here is some good news for you. You can spend your ideal time in the airport by sleeping or sitting. There are several carpeted and comfortable armrest benches and couches available. Terminals 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, Connector Hallways, International Terminal, and VIP Lounges all have some facilities to sleep within these areas.

We will tell you all details of where you can sleep within these terminals. To learn it without skipping any points, you must read this guide till the end!

Does Los Angeles Airport Have Sleeping Pods?

On different forums, travelers often ask if there are sleeping pods or arrangements at LAX airport. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Any sleeping pods, terminals, or restrooms are currently unavailable at LAX airport. Even LAX hasn’t announced anything regarding installing a sleeping cabin soon.

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Don’t become disheartened by seeing this answer. The LAX airport doesn’t offer travelers any designated rest areas or sleep rooms. But several lounges, armrest benches, couches, and many more options are available to sleep in this airport.

Where Can I Sleep In Los Angeles Airport?

Having no sleeping pods in LAX airport does not necessarily mean you can’t sleep in the airport. Of course, you can sleep here as several spots or benches are available. But the difference is that a sleeping pod or terminal provides several benefits you won’t get in an open space.

However, for sleeping within the LAX airport, the most convenient option is to sleep inside the security zones and past check-in. These areas have carpeted floors and comfortable seats to sleep or lay on.

Travelers have pointed out several good sleeping spots within the Los Angeles Airport. And those are:

LocationSleeping Arrangement
Terminal 1At the top of terminal 1’s stairs, you will find a long couch to sleep on just inside the Security.
Terminal 3A few wooden benches are available near baggage claim area 6, where you can sleep.
Terminal 4The triangle configuration chair set up in terminal 4 offers enough privacy for the travelers to sleep.
Terminal 6The Arrivals Hall contains armrest-free benches near the baggage claim area.
Terminal 6, Gate 4BThe carpet’s small patch is located between the moveable gate desk and a column. You can use this area to sleep as it also offers sufficient privacy.
Terminal 7Just like terminal 4, terminal 7 has the triangle configuration chair set up. You can use these chairs to sleep.
Terminal 7, Gate 70s – 80sSeveral armrest-free benches are available in this terminal. But the airport authority will replace the armrest-free benches with less sleep-friendly seating.
Connector Hallway, Near Gate 71A & Between Terminal 6 & 7The carpeted Connector Hallway is a great place to sleep as it is quiet. This area is a good choice if you want to enjoy undisturbed and uninterrupted overnight sleep.
Gate 148 At International TerminalBehind Starbucks, there are some comfortable couches to sleep on in the International Terminal.
VIP Lounges Many terminals, especially the International Terminal, have VIP lounges. You can enjoy greater privacy, sleeping opportunities, and amenities here.

The LAX airport remains open 24/7. But at midnight, the Security checkpoints become closed depending on the flight schedules of the terminal.

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So the airport authority will allow you to stay in the secure zone if you want to stay at night due to early morning departure. Unless you have to sleep in uncomfortable pre-Secure areas. So be ready with a backup plan.

Limitations Of Sleeping Within The LAX Airport

Travelers who have slept within the Los Angeles Airport experienced the following problems during their sleeping time.

  • Huge and crowded airport with constant movement throughout the terminals
  • Loud and noisy environment
  • Sleeping for a long time on the bench or couch is uncomfortable.
  • Constant announcements create noise.
  • LAX offers blankets and cots to delayed passengers when any major flight becomes canceled. But don’t expect much because these blankets or cots are limited in supply.

We recommend having earplugs, an eye mask, and blankets to combat these problems. All these things will provide you with little comfort.

Nearby Hotels Of LAX Airport

If you have a long time before your flight, like more than 10 hours, then spending this time within the airport territory is quite difficult. In this case, you can check in the LAX airport nearby hotels for comfortable staying and better sleeping. Some of the hotel details are:

1. The Godfrey Hotel Hollywood

Location: 1400 Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90028

Contact Number: (323) 762 – 1000


  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Pool, Bar, Lounge
  • Air conditioning room


Room TypeCosts
Partial Accessible King Room $191 Per Night 
Hollywood King, Non Smoking $249 Per Night 
Standard Room, 1 King Bed, Non-smoking $263 Per Night 

2. Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Hotel

Address: 6101 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90045 – 5310

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Contact Number: 1 (844) 631 – 0595


  • Free internet access
  • Free airport transportation
  • Valet parking


Room TypeCost
Traditional (1 King Bed)$129 – $145 Per Night 
Standard (1 Double Bed)$180 Per Night 

3. Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International Airport

Address: 6225 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90045 – 5311

Contact Number: +1 424 702 1234


  • Free airport transportation
  • Free internet
  • Outdoor pool


Room TypesCosts
1 King Bed $218 Per Night 
2 Queen Beds $218 Per Night


Does LAX have sleep Pods?

No, currently, the Los Angeles Airport doesn’t have any special arrangements or pods.

Where can I rest at LAX?

At LAX airport, you can rest at Connector Hallway, VIP Lounges, and Terminals 1, 3, 4, 6, and 7.

Is it safe to sleep in LAX?

If you stay or sleep within LAX airport’s pre-security zone, it’s quite safe.

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