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Does SFO Have Sleep Pods? | San Francisco Airport Sleep Pods Guide

The Bay Area weather is notorious. Therefore flight delays at San Francisco Airport are common. So renting a room for 24 hours is not very logical after missing or delaying a flight. Usually, travelers with delayed or canceled flights look for a comfortable place to sit or spend their idle time.

To make your waiting time comfortable, SFO offers Nap rooms. The SFO sleep pods or nap rooms are the airport’s hidden gem. These designated nap rooms will help you to relax and unwind from your traveling stress. While staying here, you will feel like staying at home.

However, if you have less time before a flight and find the Nap Room costly, you can also spend your time within the terminals. Terminals 2 & 3 have padded and comfortable seating arrangements like benches, couches etc. So you can take a short nap sitting on these benches or sleep on the carpeted floor.

Today’s discussion will revolve around all the details of nap rooms in SFO. So, let’s dive into the discussion:

Does SFO Have Sleeping Pods?

Yes! SFO has Nap Rooms where travelers can take a rest, shower, or sleep. You can rent a private nap room from the San Francisco International Airport’s Freshen Up Lounge. Freshen Up in SFO offers nap rooms, shower facilities, ironing, toiletries, and undergarments.

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Along with the Nap room, different seating and sleeping options are available across the terminals. Inside the Security, you will find padded and comfy new and modern furniture, couches, and benches. So sitting over these benches, you can easily take a short nap.

The leather lounges also offer other seating options that are equipped with armrests. Also, you can sleep on the San Francisco airport’s well-carpeted floor. To enjoy a comfortable sleep, we recommend you have a blanket, sleep mat, or sleeping bag.

Location & Contact Details Of SFO Nap Rooms

Many travelers face difficulty in finding SFO nap rooms. So here we go to make your tough task easier.

  • Location: Ed Lee International Main Hall > Level 3
  • Contact Number: 650. 877. 0798
  • Availability: Open 24 hours

Note: If you still fail to find the nap room seeing this location detail, we recommend you look at the SFO airport’s map.

Features Of SFO Nap Rooms

  • Flight monitors
  • Wi-Fi
  • Non-smoking
  • Private shower room on a time slot basis

Costs Of SFO Nap Rooms

Even though San Francisco airport offers several options for comfortable seating and sleeping. But you can’t enjoy a sound sleep within the terminal in an open space.

So to enjoy uninterrupted sleeping, you must check out the Nap rooms. On an hourly basis, you can rent these rooms. The cost details are as follows:

Private Nap RoomFor the first 1 hour $40 
Private Nap RoomIncrement of each additional 15-minutes in 1st hour$10
Private Nap RoomIncrement of each 15-minutes after 2nd hour$8
Deluxe Shower Package 30 minutes $25
Nap Room with Shower Package 30 minutes $20

Many travelers report that staying in the Nap Room at San Francisco Airport is nice and comfortable. But they complain that probably its cost is not worth it.

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How To Book SFO Nap Rooms?

Based on capacity, Freshen Up Lounge in SFO accepts the walk-in-based booking. At the front desk, you can book and pay for your entry to the nap room. Currently, online booking is unavailable in the SFO Freshen Up Lounge.

Alternative Places To Sleep In SFO Except for The Nap Rooms?

If you have limited time in hand or don’t have enough budget to rent the SFO nap room, don’t worry. Still, you can comfortably seat or sleep within the Airport’s territory. A few decent and comfortable sleeping spots are available in terminals 2 and 3, both airside and Landside.

The Landside is situated in a non-secure zone. And it’s the terminal’s public area. On the other hand, the terminal’s secure area is Airside. To reach the airside area, you must go through the security.

However, except for the Nap Room in San Francisco Airport, travelers have reported some more places to sit and sleep. Those are:

TerminalsSeating Arrangements
Terminal 2 Head to the hallway near the yoga room towards Gates 40 – 48 or Gates 50-60. It is an area with couches where you can rest or sleep.
Terminal 2There are some noiseless corners near Gates 52 – 54 for floor sleeping. 
Terminal 2 Near the Baggage Carousel 4, you will find the padded pre-Security benches. Easily two people can sit on these benches as these are big enough.
Terminal 3 Head towards the food court in Terminal 3 at night. And for a makeshift bed, try to move the food court’s furniture around.
Terminal 3The Pre-Security area in Terminal 3 has some benches and  couches. You can sleep on these couches.

So after going through the above table, it’s clear that depending on the terminals, the seating arrangement varies. You will find the most comfortable seating couches in the International Terminal.

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However, the problem with sleeping in these terminal areas are:

  • Continuous announcements during the daytime. But the announcement is low at night.
  • Bright lights

Nearby Hotels Of San Francisco Airport

If you are uncomfortable with sleeping in the airport terminal or nap room becoming costly, there is another option yet. You can check in to the San Francisco airport’s nearby hotels. Now we will discuss the details of a few hotels where you can check in for comfortable sleeping.

Hotel NameFeaturesStarting Cost (Per Night)
Grand Hyatt  24-hour room and front desk service
Free Wi-Fi
Aloft San Francisco Airport  Free transfer service
Late-night bar and indoor pool
Free airport shuttle 
EL Rancho Inn Signature Collection Free Wi-Fi
Free hot breakfast
Cable TV
The Millwood Public transport system
Wi-Fi access
Exceptional accommodations facilities 
The Westin San Francisco Airport Free airport transfers 24 hoursFree Wi-FiGym $131


Are there sleep pods at SOF?

Yes! At SFO’s Freshen Up Lounge, the Nap Room is available. Moreover, there are decent airside and landside sleeping spots in Terminals 2 & 3.

Does SFO have a hotel attached?

The airport-owned luxury hotel Grand Hyatt is developed and privately managed by SFO.

How do I spend a long layover at SFO?

To spend your long layover at San Francisco airport, you can enjoy a meal, shop, relax in the lounge, sleep in a nap room, shower, etc.

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