Austin Airport Sleep Pods

Austin Airport Sleep Pods Guide [+Alternatives]

After my flight was canceled at Austin Airport, I spent my idle time on a chair as I didn’t have lounge access. I was looking for a way to be in a peaceful place away from the airport’s hustle and bustle.

So, I started searching for the Austin Airport sleep pods online. Luckily I came across the Austin airport’s Escape Pods. I found this Pod as a great spot to escape the terminal’s buzz. So I booked a pod online, unlocked it, and started enjoying my time there.

Escape Pod is a quiet place to take a nap. It is your private space within the airport for a specific time. So here you can do whatever you want. The Pod has a free Wi-Fi connection, table, and USB charging station. Usually, for 15 minutes, it costs $10. 

There is more to learn about the Austin airport’s Escape pods. So go through this guide till the end!

Does Austin Airport Have Sleep Pods?

Yes! Fortunately, Austin Airport has Escape pods. 6 pods annually serve more than 6 million passengers at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

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The Pod allows you to escape from the terminal’s buzz in quiet spots. To enjoy this quiet spot, ahead of your trip, book it. 1 Terminal has Escape Pods, and there are 6 pods in the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

Within the Escape Pod, you will have your own space to make phone calls in private, work on your laptop or take a nap or do a meeting. You can play video games or work in your idle time before a flight.

In short, if your flight gets canceled or is delayed, you can book an escape pod. It lets you do whatever you want in private.

Location & Features Of Escape Pods In Austin Airport

Locations: Barbara Jordan Terminal, Austin, TX 78719, USA


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Phone charging or USB charging station
  • Private space
  • A table for food and work
  • Personalize your environment (Like controlling the light’s color and brightness, controlling the environment, etc.)

How To Book An Escape Pod At Austin Airport?

Escape Pod pre-booking guarantees you will have private space within the Austin airport whenever needed. You can make the Pod’s online reservation by following the simple steps below:

  • Step 1: Search: First, search for the available Escape Pods. We recommend you search your terminal closet pod.
  • Step 2: Reserve: Count down your time before your flight. After that, for your desired length and time in advance, book your Escape Pod. You can book these pods according to your required time even for 15 minutes.
  • Step 3: After reserving the Pod, check your email, as a secret code will be sent to it. Once your reservation starts, use the private code to unlock your Escape pod.
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What Is The Cost Of An Escape Pod In Austin Airport?

The Escape Pod cost in Austin airport varies based on how long you will remain in this Pod. Staying time can be 15 – 300 minutes. The Escape pod price, including taxes, are:

Time Pricing (Including Taxes)
15 Minutes $10
30 Minutes $15
45 Minutes $25
1 Hour (60 Minutes)$30
90 Minutes $45
2 Hours (120 Minutes)$60
150 Minutes$75
3 Hours (180 Minutes)$90
5 Hours (300 Minutes)$100

Limitations Of Escape Pod In Austin Airport

Austin Airport’s Escape pod is in great shape and clean. You can enjoy your work time, meeting, or quiet call in this comfortable pod. But still, it has some limitations that you may face, and those are:

  • The pod’s 3A USB port won’t support laptop charging or fast charging
  • Poor Wi-Fi performance
  • You may face problems in figuring out each switch’s job.

Where To Sleep In Austin Airport Other Than Escape Pod?

The escape pod is not the only option to take a rest at Austin airport. In fact, there are many more places. But, indeed, this Airport’s Terminal isn’t sleep-friendly. The travelers have reported the following areas to sleep within the Airport:

  • Travelers in Barbara Jordan Terminal are permitted to sleep airside if their late flight connects to an early morning flight. Otherwise, everyone has to move to the landside after closing the security checkpoints.
  • Southwest boarding areas have leather chairs to sleep in.
  • Compared to the other areas, Gate 1 & Gate 8 are quieter. In this place around the baggage claim area, you can sleep in many seats.
  • You can enter the lounges through your lounge membership program or by paying at the door.
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What Did I Do When My Flight Gets Canceled In Austin Airport?

Suddenly my flight from Austin airport got canceled. I live outside of this city, so I was searching for a place to sleep from 11:00 PM till my next flight in the morning. I didn’t want to check into a hotel for a night as I thought to save a little $.

So I started searching for Austin airport sleep pods on the internet. And luckily, I got to know about the Escape pods. Moreover, it is close to my Terminal. Therefore I decided to book it. And believe me, booking and unlocking the pod was so easy.

I input the PIN on the Escape Pod’s side on the digital screen, and the pod’s door becomes unlocked. I spent my time well within the pod. As the time gets close to the end of my booking time, the Escape pod’s screen begins a countdown.

Overall my experience of staying in the Austin airport’s Escape Pod for hours was top of the world. Therefore, I highly recommend this sleep pod for you guys also.

Austin Airport’s Nearby Hotel

You can book the Airport’s nearby hotel if you want an uninterrupted sleep. Some of the hotels are:

Hotel Name Features Cost Ratings
Hilton Austin Airport Free Wi-Fi
Free Parking
$163.91Very Good (8.3)
Courtyard Austin Airport Air conditioning
Key card access
24-hour front desk
$131 Very Good (8.3)
Hyatt Place Austin Airport Free Wi-Fi
Pet friendly
Swimming pool
$145.80Excellent (8.7)
Tru By Hilton Austin Airport, TXFree Wi-Fi
Free parking
$127.35Excellent (8.7)
Aloft Austin Airport Free Wi-Fi
Non-smoking rooms
Swimming pool
$138.57 Very Good (8.1)


Does Austin airport have sleep pods?

Yes! Austin Airport has Escape pods where you can take a rest. Ahead of your trip, book your Escape pod.

Does Austin airport have any lounges?

Yes! United Airlines, Delta Airlines, and American Airlines have lounges at this airport.

How much are escape pods in airports?

The Escape pods charges in Austin airport vary, but $10 is the starting rate for 15 minutes.

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