Abu Dhabi Airport Sleeping Pods

Abu Dhabi Airport Sleeping Pods – We’ve Explained All Details

Checking into a hotel will be expensive or too much for you if you have too few hours to relax or sleep before your next flight. In this situation, the airport sleeping pods are the convenient option to take a rest or sleep. Every airport doesn’t have this facility, and many travelers ask about the Abu Dhabi airport sleeping pods.

Abu Dhabi airport has a dedicated sleeping lounge and GoSleep Sleeping Pod at Terminal 3. The Pod offers customers peace and escape from the airport’s busy and noisy environment. The Sleeping Pods has a storage facility for keeping valuables and luggage.

The Pod’s other features are Wi–Fi access, 24-hour front desk service, various payment options, air conditioning, etc. The Pod’s cost varies depending on the time, date, room availability, and many factors.

Today’s guide will explain more details about the GoSleep Sleeping Pod at AUH airport. So, let’s start:

Does Abu Dhabi Airport Have Sleeping Pods?

Yes! Abu Dhabi airport has GoSleep sleeping pods with two dedicated sleep lounges at Terminal 3 Transit Area. AUH Airport’s Terminal 3 has the best sleeping spots. You must pay a fee for the sleeping pods; it’s not free.

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What Is A GoSleep Sleeping Pod?

The state-of-the-art chair, GoSleep, is inspired by the business class seat of the airline. This GoSleep chair with a 180 degrees fold-flat bed converts into a Sleeping Pod. The GoSleep Pod is stylish, and it’s easy to operate.

The wholly or partially sliding shade of sleeping Pod cocoons the users from crowds and light. The GoSleep Sleeping Pods are purely intended for sleep. The Pods offer relaxation and peace even in the busy and noisy airport environment.

Also, it offers secure and great storage for your valuables and luggage. Moreover, travelers can charge their mobile, laptop, and other electronic devices with the Pods. GoSleep sleep lounge, with a team of housekeeping and multilingual staff, operates 24/7.

Location & Contact Details of GoSleep Sleeping Pods

AUH Airport’s GoSleep Sleep Lounge is in Terminal 3’s transit area. From Terminal 1, the Pod is a few minutes walks. And it is easily accessible from the duty-free food court and shop.

  • Sleeping Pod Location: Terminal 3, Transit Area Abu Dhabi Airport, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Phone: +1 – 888 – 818 – 8479

Features Of Abu Dhabi Airport Sleeping Pods

Throughout the GoSleep accommodation area, there is internet access for the users with the help of a Wi-Fi router. The front desk’s administrator is ready to provide service 24 hours daily.

Different payment methods are available so that travelers can easily make payments. The noteworthy features of GoSleep sleeping pods are:

  • Internet access in all areas
  • Valid payments cards are Visa, JCB, and Mastercard
  • 24-hour front desk service
  • Non–smoking throughout the area
  • Luggage storage
  • Air conditioning
  • Check-in and Check-out time 12:00 – 12:00
  • Nine rooms in Capsule hotel to accommodate tourists
  • Room category – Single & Twin
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Costs Of Abu Dhabi Airport Sleeping Pods

The living cost at AUH Airport GoSleep Sleep Lounge depends on rates, dates, the number of guests, etc. However, ADAC, in a press release, declared that per passenger’s sleeping pod cost can be AED 45/hour or $12.30/hour.

Note: GoSleep Sleeping Pods prices are subject to change depending on the hotel policy, time, date, and other factors.

Limitations Of GoSleep Sleeping Pods

The GoSleep Sleep Lounge is clean and comfortable for customers. But still, travelers find out its few pitfalls. Those are:

  • From the seating area, a lot of noise comes from the glass partition’s other side
  • Poor management

The AUH airport terminals are cold and noisy. So while resting in the sleeping Pod, we recommend you use the travel blanket, sweater, and earplugs. 

How To Book Abu Dhabi Airport Sleeping Pods?

Walk-in customers in AUH Airport have heavy demand for the Sleeping Pod. Therefore until 48 hours before arrival, the authority approves pre-bookings. For advance bookings, the minimum stay hours have to be 6 hours.

But depending on the Pod’s availability, the walk–in customer’s minimum stay time is 1 hour day or night at any time. If you want to book the GoSleep sleeping Pod, please visit this page. And send your details to book it.

Whether you have an overnight sleepover or require a quick nap, you can book a room at AUH airport’s GoSleep Sleep Lounge.

Other Options Instead Of Abu Dhabi Airport Sleeping Pods

Along with the Terminal 3 sleeping pods in Abu Dhabi airport, other Sleeping spots exist. Terminal 1’s airside 38–room transit hotel ensures enough privacy and comfort. As well as there is easy access to many landside hotels.

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Now check out the hotel details where you can spend a night, except the Sleeping Pod.

Terminal 1 – Aerotel Abu Dhabi Airport Hotel (In Transit)

Location: Terminal 1, Airside, International Departures Level 1


  • Wi-Fi access
  • Power shower
  • Luxury amenities
  • Wake–up service

Cost Details

Room Type Cost 
SoloAED 262.50
Double Squared AED 630
Double Plus AED 472.50 
30-Minutes shower package AED 75

Note: All the above room rates include all taxes, fees, and 6 hours stay rates.

Terminal 3 – Aerotel Abu Dhabi Airport Hotel (In Transit)

Location: Terminal 3, Airside, Transit area

Features/ Benefits

  • All transit passengers are allowed to stay here
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Solo or double cabins
  • Wake–up service

Costs Details

Room Type Cost 
SoloAED 262.50 
Double Squared AED 630 
Double Plus AED 472.50

Note: The above room rates include all the taxes, fees, and 6-hour stay rent.


Does Abu Dhabi airport have sleep pods?

Yes! The GoSleep sleeping pods of Abu Dhabi airport are situated at Terminal 3.

How much is a sleeping pod at Abu Dhabi airport?

Per hour the sleeping pod’s cost can be AED 45/hour for each passenger at Abu Dhabi airport.

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