Amsterdam Airport Sleep Pods

A Complete Guide To Amsterdam Airport Sleep Pods [+Alternatives]

Did your flight get canceled at Amsterdam airport, and did you have a long time before your next flight? Or do you have a flight delay due to bad weather? Whatever the cause, what would you do when you have a huge time before your next flight?

If I faced this same situation, I would have looked for the Amsterdam airport sleep pods where I could enjoy my time. My thoughts will match most of you. There is no second option for uninterrupted sleep than a sleep pod or sleep cabin.

It’s good news that Amsterdam airport has GoSleep pods at XpresSpa Lounge 2. This location remains open from 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM. And the airport has a transit hotel also that offers sleep cabins similar to first-class airline cabins. YOTELAIR Amsterdam Schiphol Transit Hotel is at the airport’s transit area in Lounge 2.

There are other places to sit, sleep or rest in Amsterdam airport. We will disclose all these details in today’s article. So continually read it till the end!

Does Amsterdam Airport Have Sleep Pods?

Yes! Amsterdam airport has GoSleep sleeping pods. Once you are in the airside at XpresSpa, you can sleep or rest in the GoSleep pods in the Transit area. GoSleep pods in Amsterdam airport offer you complete privacy to take a rest.

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Other than the sleep pods, there is a transit hotel directly within the airport’s secure zone. It’s YOTELAIR Amsterdam Schiphol Transit Hotel. So you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep within the transit hotel or GoSleep pods.

On top of that, there are several padded chairs and armrest-free benches across the airport’s landside and airside area. Here also, the guests can sleep.

All Information Of Amsterdam Airport GoSleep Sleep Pods

  • Location: XpresSpa Lounge 2, Amsterdam Airport
  • Location Open Time: Between 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM


  • Sleep space
  • Internet access
  • Power connector
  • Luggage compartment

How To Contact Amsterdam Airport GoSleep Pods?

For any inquiries, call the number below:

How To Book Amsterdam Airport Sleep Pods?

Currently, the pre-booking of GoSleep sleep pods in Amsterdam airport is unavailable. Travelers will be able to book these sleep pods walk-in only.

All Details Of YOTELAIR Amsterdam Schiphol Transit Hotel

YOTELAIR hotel is inside the Amsterdam Schiphol airport’s transit area in Lounge 2. Inside the Schiphol airport, behind the Security and Passport control, YOTELAIR is located. It is placed just at the SUSHI & NOODLES bar’s opposite.

You can access this hotel if you checked in at the airport on an outbound flight or are already in the transit area. Guests outside of the transit can’t check into this hotel.

Bringing your large luggage or any other item in YOTELAIR is impossible. But before your flight, the airport can allow you to check in large items.

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YOTELAIR’s innovative cabins are like first-class private airline cabins. You will reach it from the departure gate by walking for a few minutes.

  • Location: Lounge 2 inside the transit area
  • Per Night Cost: $215 (On Average)


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Non-smoking rooms

Alternatives Sleep Pods & Transit Hotel?

Amsterdam Airport has numerous places to sleep and rest. But compared to the landside sleeper, the airside sleeper will enjoy more facilities and a better environment.

i. Airside Sleeping Area

Huge armrest-free seating chairs are available in the Amsterdam airport’s airside area. The airport’s airside has soft benches and padded chairs for travelers. On top of that, in the internet area between the Piers E & F, there are chaise lounges.

Furthermore, you will find the bean bag chairs to rest before the D gates. In addition to the airport’s lounge, there is also a green rest area. Both these locations are popular with overnighters.

ii. Landside Sleeping Area

You cannot sleep in the landside terminal’s chair or benches during the airport’s flight operation hours. Security guards start patrolling the landside area to inspect the traveler’s ID and boarding passes.

The guard will escort you from the airport if you don’t have your boarding pass. And you will get the re-entry permission at 4:00 AM.

However, travelers have reported the following good sleep spots within Amsterdam airport:

Locations Seating Arrangements
Between Piers E & F (Internet Area)Benches, padded chairs and chaise lounges
Pre-Security Comfy seats in the café (On the left side of the terminal)
Lounge 3 (McDonalds’)Armrest-free benches on the top floor
Gates D & Gates E Upstairs Relaxation chair
Gates C & Gates D (Near the Entrance)Rest zone and relaxation chairs

What Are The Problems Of Sleeping Within Amsterdam Airport?

Whether you plan to sleep within the airport’s airside or landside area, you will surely face some common issues. Those are:

  • Continuous announcement
  • Light always remains lit
  • Foot noise
  • Cold weather, especially in the winter season
  • Loud and cold both at times
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Irrespective of your sleeping area, you must have noise-canceling headphones, earplugs, and warm layers with you. All these will increase your sleeping comfort level.

Amsterdam Airport Nearby Hotels

You can also stay in the airport’s nearby hotels if the above options don’t fit your needs. Find the hotel details below:

Hotel NameFeaturesCost (Per Night)
Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel & Conference CenterFree Wi-Fi
Non-smoking rooms
24-hour front desk
Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol24-hour front desk
Free Wi-Fi
Swimming pool
CitizenM Schiphol AirportFree Wi-Fi
Baggage storage
Non-smoking rooms
IBIS Budget Amsterdam AirportFree Wi-Fi
24-hour front desk
Free shuttle service
Corendon Apartments Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Hotel Free Wi-FiPool
Fitness center


Are there sleeping pods at Amsterdam Airport?

Yes! Amsterdam airport’s airside area at XpresSpa, there are GoSleep pods. Sleepy travelers can take advantage of these pods.

Is it safe to sleep in Amsterdam airport?

If the flight doesn’t operate, security will allow you to sleep inside the terminal at night. Sleeping within the airport’s transit hotel or sleep pods is safe. But sleeping in a public area can cause you some trouble.

Where to nap at Amsterdam airport?

At Amsterdam airport, you can nap at the terminal’s benches or in the transit hotel or sleep pods.

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