Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation

An Overview of the Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation

Bangladesh Parjatan corporation is playing a vital role in promoting and developing the national tourism of Bangladesh. Besides, establishing infrastructure and providing facilities, it also trains people to make skilled manpower in the tourism industry.

Background of Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation

Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation was established in 1972. During the period of the Pakistan regime, there was an office of tourism was established in West Pakistan. The main intention of this organization was to regulate the tourism sector and to develop and to upgrade promotion.

In 1970, a private organization was also formed to participate in economic activities. Soon after the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, the Government turned some National Tourism Corporation (NTO) into Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC). It started its functions in the January of 1973 with the limited amount of assets of the then ‘’Pakistan Tourism Corporation “.

Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation is functioning under the ministry of civil aviation and tourism of Bangladesh. It is the national organization for promoting the tourism industry inside and outside of Bangladesh.

The main purpose behind establishing the BPC is to create an agency that would act on behalf of the government for the promotion and development of tourism in Bangladesh.

Functions of Bangladesh parjatan corporation (BPC):

The functions of Bangladesh parjatan corporation includes-

  • promotion and development of tourism,
  • building infrastructure for the tourism sector
  • providing facilities and for undertaking measures of tourism,
  • regulating tourism installations and services,
  • organizing facilities outside and inside of Bangladesh,
  • establishing training sectors to train the manpower and potential personnel,
  • providing hotels and for water skiing and also entertainment for the tourists.
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Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation Address

Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation is centrally established in the Capital city of Dhaka. The center closes at a general timing of 5 pm (BDT) in the working days.

Office Address: Syed Morshed Ave and another office of BPC is situated at 83,88 Bir Uttam Khandakor Road. 

Phone number:  02-9893710  (the head office). 


Besides, there are online portals and websites of Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation for the feasibility of the common people to contact them. The government website is ‘’’’, by clicking on this website we can get all the government details and get to know about the tourism sector of BANGLADESH and its facilities and also objectives.

Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation Offerings:

As we all know and the readers might agree to the term also, during the pandemic period there are lots of offers or discounts going on in different types of hotels and resident places owned by BPC. Almost 50% discount is going to Kuakata and Cox’s Bazar Hotels.

Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation seeing the current situation and for the convenience of domestic and foreign travelers, declared this amount of discount from July1-November30(2020). Guests will receive 50% and 40% discounts on hotel Shaibal, motel Praibal and motel Laboni in cox’s bazaar, Holiday homes, and Hotel youth Inn in Kuakata. The guests can do the bookings online through the website of the BPC.

Anyone can start getting the facilities right after their booking from the front desk of the affiliated hotels and motels as per selection. Our country’s main tourism places are Cox’s Bazaar and Kuakata, so the crowd is a little bit more at these two spots.

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Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation Training offered by NHTTI

National hotels and tourism training institute (NHTTI) was established in 1974 under the Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation every year plans a lot of courses for the newcomers in this sector. NHTTIis offering the following courses to boost up your skill in the tourism industry.

Diploma in hotel management

  • Educational Qualification: HSC or equivalent
  • Course fee: 210000
  • Duration: 2 years

Professional chef course

  • Course fee: 120000
  • Duration: 1 year

Food and beverage production

  • Educational qualification: SSC or equivalent

Food and beverage service

  • Entry requirement: SSC or equivalent

Front office and secretarial operations

  • Entry requirement: SSC or equivalent

Bakery and pastry production

  • Entry requirement: SSC or equivalent

Housekeeping and laundry operation

  • Entry requirement: SSC or equivalent

Tour guide and travel agency operation

  • Entry requirement: HSC or equivalent

Computer literacy

Diploma in tourism and hospitality management

  • Educational qualification: HSC or equivalent
  • Course fee: 100000
  • Duration: 1 year

Besides the above courses, there is a need-based short course that requires SSC or equivalent educational qualification to enroll.

The National Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (NHTTI) always invites applicants to apply for the diploma course under this particular institution. This is a 3-month course that includes training and workshop sessions Bangladesh Hotel Management system and Bangladesh Hotel Establishments. The admission for such training gets open every year at a certain time and then the applicants apply for getting a new workplace.

For 2 years the applicants will get an opportunity to get a diploma in hotel management, for 1 year there is a diploma course in hotel management and hospitality and professional banking lessons are also provided for 10 months.  NHTT is playing a pioneering role to develop human resources and in the tourism sector and the industry which implements successful for a long time. The advantage of doing this diploma course is that one can get any job at hotels, motels, food places, travel agencies under BPC, and a lot of places related to Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation.

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The requirements for the diploma course of 2 years is the candidate must be HSC passed with an age limit of 30 years and the fees can be given in installments. Similarly, for a 1-year diploma course, the candidate must be SSC passed. Therefore, I hope so this article will play a great role in enriching the knowledge of a reader regarding Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation.

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