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Top 10 Historical Places In Bangladesh (Wisely Picked)

Bangladesh is full of ancient historical places and natural heritage. From years to years, these places are revolving with a lot of histories and memories from the past. But often, we don’t have the exact idea and knowledge about the place, so we can’t visit those places to have an idea about our golden ages.

But no more worries, we have backed you up with our suggestions for the Top 10 historical places in Bangladesh. All these places are popular and the places that tourists love the most to visit. These places can take you back to ancient times with beauty and feeling.

So, without getting late, let’s start!

List of Historical Places of Bangladesh

1. Lalbagh Fort

The Lalbagh fort carries centuries of Mughal history with it. Lalbagh is one of the oldest Mughal forts that is situated beside the River Buriganga. The fort was constructed by The Mughal Subahdar Muhammad Azam Shah. He is the son of emperor Aurangzeb. The formation of the Lalbagh fort was left uncompleted.

The Lalbagh fort carries a lot of ancient mysteries and history. This fort has tunnels underneath it. Many soldiers attempted to escape through those tunnels and faced death during The Sepoy Revolution in 1857.

Some British soldiers tried to follow them but they never returned. Later, an elephant and a dog were sent to the tunnels by researchers but they didn’t come back either. And the path was sealed soon after that shocking occurrence. If you visit this place, you will feel that you are a part of ancient times.

2. Ahsan Manzil

A Zamindar named Sheikh Enayet Ullah would use Ahsan Manzil as a vacation house. In 1740, the property was sold to french traders by Enayat Ullah’s son after Sheikh Enayat Ullah passed away. In 1830, a wealthy man named Khwaja Alimullah bought this place and built a mosque on the property. His son Khwaja Alimullah named the property after his son Ahsan Ullah as “Ahsan Manzil”.

Ahsan Manzil is one of the top historical places for fine architecture. Ahsan Manzil is also a symbol of Mughal taste and history. The eastern side of this fort is known as ‘Rangmahal’ where girls from different places and countries used to come here and entertain the main owner by dancing and singing.

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The western side of this place includes a living room, a dining room, a library room, and a guest room. Ahsan manzil is a place where you can feel that you are a part of the traditions of the Mughal times. The beauty of this place catches visitor attractions being one of the ancient places in Dhaka.

3. Panam city

Panam city, the city of architectural beauty is located in Sonargaon, Narayanganj. Sonargaon used to be the capital once. And Sonargaon used to be ruled by the Baro-Bhuyan. Sonargaon was once an important trading and political center. There are several British Memorials and towers in Panam City.

Panam city has attracted a lot of tourists with its beauty. Most of the buildings in Panam city are not in good shape. But the remaining buildings are a strong proof of the impressive work of Mughal architecture. And this is the reason why Panam city has succeeded in attracting so many tourists’ eyes with its charm.

Once, Panam city was the capital of the sultanate. During Delhi Sultanate, Panam city gathered its attractions, and all the beautiful architectural beauties were built back then.

 4. Mahasthangarh

Mahasthangarh is located in a gorgeous village called Mahasthan. ‘Mahasthangarh’ stands for the fort of Mahasthan. Mahasthangarh was discovered by a physician known as Francis Buchanan Hamilton. The place was found in 1808. Mahasthangarh is a remaining part of ‘Pundra Nagar’, a village which was said to be existing till the 8th century.

The place has now become a tourist spot. Now a natural mountainous look is maintained in this place. Mahasthangarh is an amazing place to enjoy the beauty of nature with centuries-old history.

Researchers have found coins, ceramics, a limestone slab from this place which pretty much describes the lifestyle of people from that time. These findings are now placed in the site museum.

5. Shat Gambuj Mosque

Shat Gambuj Mosque is one of the most popular mosques. The Shat Gambuj Mosque is situated in a place called the Bagerhat in Khulna division. This Mosque is well known for being the largest mosque in entire Bangladesh. The construction of this mosque began in 1442 and was finished by 1459. This mosque is known as the best archeological sign of that time.

The reason why the mosque is named Shat Gambuj is that the roof of this mosque is supported by 60 stoned pillars. There are exactly Sixty Domes or Sixty Columns that hold the specialty of the name of this mosque.

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There is a tower on each of the sides and the 77 low domes are encircled by those. The unique system for enough ventilation and light provides a good feeling in this mosque.

6. Liberation War museum

Liberation War Museum is based on the great liberation war of Bangladesh. The Museum is located at the Sher-E-Bangla Nagar in Dhaka. The Museum has the uniforms, clothes, weapons, and documents of the liberation war. All of these are the belongings of the martyrs. There is even some historical letter in this museum.

The Museum covers every detail of the war from prior to post-independence and it is the main attraction of the museum. The visitors to this museum can learn more details about the great liberation war, The history, the struggle of people from that time, and how bravely they fought every challenge.

If you want to get introduced to the history of Bangladesh, you must visit this place. The history of this place will create different respect for the martyrs inside your heart.

7. Somapura Mahavira

Situated in Paharpur of Naogaon District, these viharas are the most popular viharas of Bangladesh. It is a place for local people to gain knowledge and practice learning. In 1985, UNESCO declared this place as a World Heritage Site. Amongst the earliest sites of Bengal, this place is said to be an important one.

It stands as one of the most important archaeological sites in Bangladesh. This gorgeous piece of art was established back in the 8th century for the Buddhist people to learn. The somapura Mahavira holds a lot of cultural and regional heritage of Hinduism and Buddhism, which is not available in any other places.

 8. Shaheed Minar

The Shaheed Minar holds the pride of the Bengals. Shaheed Minar was built in the memory of great language martyrs. The Shaheed Minar is connected to the history of the mother language of Bangladeshi people. Shaheed Minar is located near Dhaka medical college, Shahbag.

This great symbol of the language martyrs is designed and built by Bangladeshi sculptors Hamidur Rahman and Novera Ahmed. Every year on 21st February people visit the Shaheed Minar barefoot in the morning with flowers.

On 21st February; the International mother language day, people remember martyrs and what they have done for us. People come here to show deep respect to the martyrs and get tied in a deep bond with their country.

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9. Baliati Zamindari

Baliati Zamindari is situated in a beautiful village named Baliati. Baliati was once known as the home to the Zamindars. The Baliati Zamindari consists of seven different blocks. And it is also surrounded by a moat.

This place holds the history of the 18th century.  It is now protected as a cultural property of Bangladesh. Baliati palace consists of 200 rooms and also a pond outback. The upper story of Baliati Zamindari has a decorative hall which used to be called ‘Rang Mahal’.

The ‘Rangmahal’ is used as a museum in the present. The Museum has a collection of things that reflect the lifestyle and culture of the Zamindar. You can learn a lot of things if you pay a visit here.

10. Kotila Mura

Here is the last place of our Top 10 historical places in Bangladesh. Situated in the Comilla District of Bangladesh, this place is named “Kotila Mura” by the native people. It has three stupas located on the sides, which indicates the three jewels, the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. A gold coin was discovered from this site which belongs to the last Abbasid Caliph Mu’tasim Billah.

The construction of this site began in the 7th century. This site was said to be completed in between the 13th century. Now, it is known as one of the most sacred Buddhist places in Bangladesh. The ancient surrounding will make your heart blow once you visit this place.

Wrapping up

By now, you should be acknowledged of the Top 10 historical places in Bangladesh. If you visit these places, you will get introduced to amazing sites and histories that will enrich your knowledge. Also, all these places are safe and worth travelling to if you are looking for history.

The historical aspects of these places will never fail to amaze you. In fact, once you visit these [laces, you will feel that a time-machine has brought you back to those times. So without getting late, give a visit to these precious places and enrich your view of Bangladesh. All the best!

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