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Your Ultimate Sylhet Tour Guide For 2024

The beauty of Sylhet has got it the name, Land of Fairies. And the name is definitely understandable when you get to know more about it. The culture, places, scenarios, foods, and other facts about this astoundingly mesmerizing land is surely interesting.

Being lying on the banks of Surma River and having Keane Bridge as its gateway, the prominence of this landmark is undeniable. Today, let’s give you a comprehensive Sylhet tour guide. So that your journey is less likely to miss any wonderful views of this one-of-a-kind place.

Starting the Sylhet Tour Guide with Some Notes About This Place.

In Bangladesh, Sylhet is known as one of the most developed cities. It is very popular for the export of quality tea. That’s one reason why Sylhet is also called the Land of Tea Gardens. Many locals of this city are also settled in London and other European countries. And this makes them contributors to the overall development of the city’s economy.

Another thing of Sylhet that is its focal point is the spiritual values. It’s a holy place for many. As the famous Sufi Hazrat Shah Jalal ® chose to come here for the first time along with his 360 saints. The motive was to spread Islam.

The local language is Sylheti Bengali. Most people here are comfortable speaking in it even in official needs. From budget to luxury, you can find many hotels and resorts here. The local cuisines are also very delicious with a variety of tastes to enjoy.

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The Ideal Time to Visit?

The city is usually cool in almost all seasons. And that’s another reason why it called the best tourism hub in the country. However, if you still want to know about the most perfect timing to explore, then it’s for sure during Monsoon. As the beauty of Sylhet stands out ten times more during this season.

Way to Reach Sylhet.

You can come to Sylhet through three routes basically. The first route is by taking the bus. Or you can take the train. And finally, there’s an option to choose the air route by plane.

To Travel by Bus

If you chose to travel by Bus, then there are many AC buses. These can take you from Dhaka to Sylhet. For example, Greenline, Shyamoli, Shohag, Hanif, and so on. Some Non-Ac busses are also available. Such as Mamun enterprise, Shyamoli, Unique, Hanif, and others.

The AC fares will charge you around 1200 taka for a ticket. While in Non-AC, expect to pay around 500 Taka. To get the bus tickets, visit Bus Counter in Sayedabad, Arambag, Kallyanpur, or Gabtoli. It takes five and a half hours to reach Sylhet from Dhaka. There should be a one-hour break in between too.

To Travel by Train

You can take the train from Kamalapur railways station to reach Sylhet. Tickets are available at Upaban express. This would charge you somewhere between 25 to 100 Taka. The ticket cost depends on what seat category you choose. You can expect to reach the spot within 7 hours.

To Travel by Air:

Now there’s also a chance to travel by air. And in that case, you need to book tickets online. You can also choose to buy it from Dhaka airport domestic terminal. There are few airways such as Novo Air, US Bangla, Bangladesh Biman and so on that can give you a ride to Sylhet. The charge for one way fare is 2700 Taka for economy class. You can also book a round for 6500 Taka. Being the fastest route, you can reach Sylhet by air in 45 minutes.

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Staying & Eating in Sylhet.

The rush in Sylhet hotels is very high. And so, it’s best to get some bookings before your arrival. You can choose from a long list of hotels and resorts. The best feeling is usually available with four-star and fives-tart hotels. Expect the cost to be 2000 to 5000 for a four-star hotel stay a night.

While in the case of five-starts, it’s going to cost you around 6000-20000 taka for each night. Your options are Start Pacific, Garden Inn, Rose View, Hotel Supreme, Norjahan Grand, and so on.

As for those who would prefer less costing accommodation, you can simply check the hotels available near Dargah gate. Most of them are very affordable and livable with good services.

Now for dining in, there are quite a few good places you can check out in Sylhet. But tourists are usually very impressed with the local food providers. Such as Panshi and Pachvai restaurant. You can have a fulfilling meal here within 200 to 500 Taka.

If you want to spend a bit more generously for a luxurious meal, then there’s KFC and Pizza hut available as well. You can take a ride by Rickshaw or tom-tom to reach various spots for a cost of 30-100 BDT.

Most Famous Sights That You Must Visit!

Let’s break down some places to visit in Sylhet city that are definitely worth the trip.

  • Hearing the bell at the Ali Amjad Clock Tower while also going for a walk on Keane Bridge is a must.
  • The Gowainghat located Panthumai with its Borhill waterfall cannot be missed as well. Also, the Piyain River will be a great sight to watch.
  • The clear water, Khasi hills views, and rolling stones of Bisnakandi are delighting experiences you cannot afford to skip.
  • Ratargul Swamp Forest is the best freshwater swamp forest in the world and tourists who visit Sylhet call it their favorite destinations due to the adventurous boat ride and spectacular view.
  • Also, the popular hill station, Jaflong Sylhet has the best sunset that you can enjoy on one evening of your tour.
  • Lovachara tea garden, Madhabkunda, Sreemangal, Shada Pathor (Bholaganj), and many more attractive places can be a part of your trip if you are not coming for a one day tour in Sylhet and there’s enough time to check them out.
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Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this Sylhet tour guide was able to answer the most common queries. The ones that are usually seen in people who wish to visit this mesmerizingly beautiful place. Before ending, here are a few things you want to know and make sure of doing.

  • Rural areas may not give ATM booths, so carry cash money as much as you can.
  • Avoid throwing wastes while traveling.
  • Street foods can make you sick, plan to avoid them for the trip.
  • Prebooking all your hotel reservations and tickets will help a lot.

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