how to travel domestic flight in bangladesh

How to Travel on Domestic Flight in Bangladesh?

Traveling domestic flights is trending now. it is pretty easy too. Businessmen, middle-class, and higher-class people frequently travel by domestic flights.

The requirement is very simple. you do not need to have a Passport or visa for traveling on domestic flights.

You can travel on a domestic flight if you have only a NID card or birth
certificate (child or infant).

For booking domestic tickets, you just need your name and date of birth.


*NID OR Passport

Note: You just need to fill up your name and date of birth. Then you can
issue ticket.

You can book domestic air ticket in two following ways-

1. Book yourself:

If you book a domestic ticket by yourself, just input your name and DOB. Then

You can book domestic tickets through master cards, visa cards or
fintech such as bkash.

You can book through the airline portal or third-party OTA portal too.

2. Book through a Travel agent:

Just give your travel agent your name and date of birth. No other
information is required.

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You might know that NID is needed only for For adults. What if you
need to book child or infant tickets?

For a child (2-12 years) and infant (0-2 years), if they have a passport,
that’s good. If they don’t have a passport then they can travel with you (Adults) with a birth certificate only. All children and infants have a birth certificate. You can proceed ticket by following the name of the birth certificate.

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Even if they do not have a birth certificate, that is not a serious issue. Just issue the ticket and if you have good luck then no problem will be created with the boarding

Adult, child, and infant age

The age of an adult, child, and infant is defined by international ticketing rules also applied to domestic ticket

  • 0-2 years is considered an infant
  • 2-12 years is considered a child
  • 12-beyond years is considered an Adult

Name designation:

For a male adult, use MR
For a female adult, use MRS
For male children and infants, use MSTR
for female children and infants, use Miss

Note: You must carry a passport or NID, or Birth certificate at the time of travel.

When you should be present at the airport for a domestic flight?

You can fly if you arrive airport 30 minutes before the flight.

But for international flights, You must have arrived at airports 4-6 hrs
ago for travel.

Domestic Airlines:

The following airlines, you can travel with
1. US Bangla
2. Novo air
3. regent
4. Bangladesh Biman

Which destinations you can have flights

1. Dhaka (DAC)
2. Chittagong (CGP)
3. Sylhet (ZYL)
4. Rajshahi (RJH)
5. Barisal (BZL)
5. Jessore (JSR)
6. Khulna (KHL)
7. Cox’s Bazar (CXB)

The price range for domestic flights:

Price ranges from 2000 BDT to 4000 BDT based on destination

such as Dhaka to Chittagong price is comparatively low than that of
Cox’s Bazar.

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