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Ultimate Sajek Tour Guide – The Land of Pretty Clouds.

There are a few things that make Bangladesh one-of-a-kind type beauty. And no doubt those are going to be the vast rivers, magnificent hills, swamp forest, and its largest sea beach. But this land of mystery has one very fascinating spot for tourists and visitors. Something that can be surely called the white cotton arena. With its wonderful valley of clouds and rows of beautiful mountains.

The place is called Sajek and there are three seasons ruling here. Making it a mind-blowing spot to include in any tourists’ list. Today, let’s help you with a complete Sajek tour guide. It will include all the information you’ll need before leaving your place.

Starting the Sajek Tour Guide with Some Notes on The Place.

The weather in Sajek is usually on the warmer side. But during the rainy season, it stays wet. And there can be excepted pouring every now and then. The white clouds paired with the thick fog makes the whole beauty of Sajek stand out ten times more.

The land of the white cotton cloud is surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountains in Bangladesh. The very spectacular hilly clouds are its focal point. It makes this landscape so much preferable for many visitors.

The place even has the most beautiful sunset and sunrise to watch if you visit. It is no less than a painting that an artist draws in his or her canvas with shades of love. The beauty of this landscape can make you feel like never leaving, it’s that marvelous. People in Bangladesh who have visited this place will often share their unforgettable memories here like nowhere else.

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The Right Time to Visit:

Sajek is one of those places that gets better to look at with every season. But if you think about your own tour comfort and convenience, it will be good to travel in summer and winter. These seasons throw some beautiful colors to the nature of Sajek. That makes it even more exceptional to view. But if you truly want to take pleasure in the white clouds getting closer, then it’s best to tour during Late Autumn or rainy seasons.

Traveling to Sajek:

Sajek is located inside the Rangamati district. So, you need to travel to the Khagrachari district from Dhaka to visit the spot. There are many busses from Dhaka that can take you to Khagrachari.

You can book for Shyamoli, Shanti Paribahan, Saudia Paribahan, S. Alam, Eagle, and many more. Traveling on a non-Ac bus helps to save you some money with each ticket pricing for 520 Taka.

However, the AC busses are more comfortable to travel in. Those charge around 700 to 900 taka per ticket. You can visit Gabtali, Kalabagan or any convenient bus point in the city for counters. Buying the ticket in advance can help a lot, especially during holiday seasons.

After you reach Khagrachari, you need to reserve a jeep gari (also known as Chander Gari). This is to cross almost 70 kilometers and arrive at Sajek. The cost will be around 8 to 10 thousand including the returning fare.

If you are traveling in a group of 12 to 15 people, the cost won’t feel very expensive. But if you are touring with a tiny squad, maybe join another group to save a bit. You can also go by CNG by spending around 4 to 5 thousand. But keep in mind that the road is quite wavy. And you may not feel very good at traveling this way for the reason.

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Another way you can choose is to go to Dighinala by bus or motorcycle. And then you can change the vehicle for traveling to Sajek. This route can be a bit more cost-effective when you cannot find another group for a ride by Chander Gari.

One important point that you cannot miss is reaching Dighinala before 10 in the morning. This is because there’s an army escort for the overall safety of road. You’ll find them available only twice a day. So, if you miss them at the morning, you’ll have to wait until the afternoon. If you still miss them in the afternoon, you’ll have to wait until the next day.

Staying at Sajek:

Spending a night at Sajek means to choose from 40 resorts and indigenous cottages here. Visiting with an early booking is the best way if you want to spend a night in a quality room.

People even book one month earlier. As there’s a lot of rush with good service providing rooms. Living at one of the low pricing cottages can also be an option. Many have the beautiful view of Sajak on display for you to enjoy during your stay.

Some of the most popular options for you to stay in are Meghpunji Resort, TGB Lushai Cottage, Runmoy Resort, Jumghor Eco Resort, Megh Mechanic, and so on.

Foods & Cuisines to Enjoy:

The resort you’ll stay at should have good food arrangements already with the traditional options included. You can expect a bill of 100 to 200 with each meal including a variety of dishes. Arranging a Bar-B-Q night is also a very trendy thing to do during a Sajek tour.

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There are indigenous people who serve food as well. Let them know what type of food you want to have. And they usually do their best to serve you something delicious. This could be a great way to enjoy a fantastic cultural experience.

Places to Visit When Staying at Sajek.

  • Enjoying the vast grasslands that are surrounded by dense forests, sky touching mountains, and the freshest air.
  • The fascinating beauty of the harmony between green and blue at the Mayni and Kasalong rivers.
  • Tribal communities’ cottages with spectacular stories and scenarios to rejoice.
  • Local parks, sanctuaries, pilgrimage centers, and hill resorts for short but meaningful visits.
  • Don’t forget to take amazing pictures with the tribal people of Baghaihat and Dighinala.
  • Enjoying the complete valley view while trekking at the Konglakpara. It’s one of the most visited tourist attractions of Sajek.
  • Not to forget the hidden beauty of Sikam Toisa Water Fall. Its famous for a thrilling and existing trekking experience.
  • And finally, the jaw-dropping sunrise and sunsets. With the lighting giving the most satisfying view, this cannot be missed too.

Final Words:

And that was a comprehensive Sajek tour guide we hope you enjoyed. The place is no doubt one big treasure of Bangladesh that holds so many awesome scenarios, hills, and natural beauties.

Even with a tight budget, you can take a trip to this wonderful land. Staying safe and planning in advance should be your priority. And finally, make sure you have some beautiful memories at this one-of-a-kind place.

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